Protection we can believe in.

Paul has linked to this Augusta Chronicle piece with regard to Damon Evans confirming that the South Carolina game would be at night, but I found this comment of Evans more interesting:

Evans said he’s protective of future open dates before the Florida game. In 2007, Georgia had an open date and defeated the Gators. Last year, the Bulldogs played Louisiana State the week before and lost to Florida. This year, Georgia is off before its Oct. 31 contest with the Gators.

“I’m going to protect that open date before Florida as much as I can,” he said.

Right on, brother.  For whatever reason, it’s been an exceedingly rare occurrence for the team with a bye week to lose in Jax – regardless of the weather.



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  1. dean

    I see what’cha did there. Nice.

    I hope we make the most of this years bye week before the WLOCP because we don’t have another one until ’12. Tentatively speaking of course.


  2. Bryan Carver Dawg97

    Beware of snarky comments about the weather Senator. PWD got ripped a bit for his last snarky post (which was dead on in my opinion)


  3. The team with the bye week travels to Jacksonville earlier to acclimate to the changing weather patterns since it is so difficult for a bunch of 18-22 year olds to handle the 3-5 degree change in temperature between Jacksonville and their respective campuses. This obviously explains the trend of teams with the bye week performing so well. By the time gametime rolls around it doesn’t feel hotter or cooler, it feels just right.


      • Senator (and everyone STILL complaining about CMR’s comments), I have the utmost respect for both you and PWD, so I really wish that it didn’t have to be you to whom Richt was referring:

        “Richt has earned a bit of criticism this offseason for his critiques of the media’s role in last season’s struggles, the fairness of playing Florida each year in Jacksonville, Fla., and the daunting out-of-conference schedule his team faces, and he said he has learned his lesson. In the future, Richt said, he’s going to do a better job of keeping quiet.

        ‘I’m going to give a lot less of my opinion,’ Richt said. ‘A lot of times, I will say things pretty tongue-in-cheek, but it doesn’t read that way. So I’ve just got to guard my words. That’s just the position I’m in, especially this time of year.'”

        I know we’ll forget about CMR’s comments about the WLOCP when there are more interesting things to discuss in the fall, but it hurts the validity of your argument (with which I happen to agree) when y’all continue making (the same) bitchy comments about it.

        The man made a comment, it came across REALLY badly, and that’s that. We discussed it. It’s over. C’mon.


        • Well, first of all, if MR reserves the right to express himself tongue-in-cheek, I don’t see why I don’t have the same privilege. 😉

          But seriously, I didn’t throw that in to be catty. I think it illustrates the point here – that the program should be focused on the things that matter, not the trivialities that make it (or him, in this case) look foolish.


          • haha. You’re definitely right, and that’s why he deserved to get reamed for it.

            I guess I just feel like it’s being harped on. I read both you and GSB every day, and that particular comment seems to have been getting more than its due coverage. Thus, I think I’ve been a bit oversensitive to the continuance of the discussion when I’d rather be reading/talking about, yes, the things that matter.

            That said, the bye week historically has been extremely important, so I’m happy to see Damon make a note of it. I’d also be happy to see us take UF one year at a time, to let the boys do what they do, and to keep partying my face off in Jax every year.


  4. ceph

    In Richt’s next press conference would someone please ask him, “What does he mean when he says, the Georgia way.” He is constantly talking about the “Georgia Way” and for the life of me I have no idea what he is talking about!


  5. SH

    Yes! Finally, someone publicly acknowledges the importance of having the week-off b4 the WLOCP.

    Please Damon – do as much as you can to ensure time off prior to that game.

    If he does that, watch the series turn and watch the Dogs start playing for National Championships.


  6. CM

    That is funny. I read about this exact same thing on the Bulldawg Illustrated website a few weeks back.

    Similar eh? Although, I found the BI post a little more informative and interesting. Maybe Damon Evans has been reading the Bulldawg Illustrated?


    • Dog in Fla

      So what Damon means when he said he is going to try as hard to protect the open date before Florida could apply only to 2012 and seasons after 2016.

      After 2009, we have only one open date before Florida until 2017 at the earliest unless the schedules projected in BI are rearranged.

      Which raises a question on why and how Vince let the SEC and/or Florida give Spurrier the week off before Georgia much more often than Georgia had during the time he was AD while retired from coaching. I thought Vince liked Goff but apparently not.


  7. Legatedawg

    Only once in the past decade and a half has the team without the bye week in this series defeated the team which enjoyed it the same year. Needless to say, it wasn’t Florida. Our 1997 Dawgs played without benefit of it and clobbered Spurrier’s rested outfit by 3 TDs. But that is just the exception that proves the rule. The SicemDawgs site’s future schedules are always tentative beyond the immediate next season, and certainly are not altogether accurate. They had us down to play Ole Miss the week prior to Florida 2007 until the end of the 2006 season, as i recollect. At any rate, I am sure that our AD will do all he can to reverse one of Coach Dooley’s worst decisions (or should I say non-decisions) as AD about our SEC scheduling during the 1990s after the Conference expanded and divided.


  8. Charlie Gator

    In the spirit of June trash talk.

    You Dawgs had better take two or maybe three weeks off before the WLOCP this year. And then probably at least a week off after.

    Go Gators!!!!!!