You just haven’t earned it yet, baby.

At the risk of sounding like a monomaniac on the subject, let me direct your attention to this call to arms by Bob Kustra, President of Boise State University.

When the Presidential Oversight Committee of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) meets next week (June 15-19 in Colorado Springs), perhaps it will consider how to apply the same values espoused and celebrated by American higher education across the nation to the most recognizable pastime and the biggest business on many university campuses — intercollegiate football. There is considerable irony in the fact that in the highest temple of political correctness, American higher education, the BCS worships the false idols of monopoly, inequity and greed at the expense of the virtues of fairness, access and competition.

The BCS is a fundamentally flawed system that is unfair in its access, governance and revenue distribution…

He’s serious enough about this that it’s prominently linked at the home page of BSU’s website.

See if you get a lump in your throat when you read this.

… you would think that when Boise State opens its football season against the University of Oregon on September 3, the dream of a national championship would beat in the heart of every player, coach, alumnus and fan. Instead, there will only be a faint pulse thanks to the constraints placed upon us by the BCS…

Those heartless, greedy bastards.  You would think they might be a bit more understanding about the Broncos’ 117th-ranked strength of schedule, according to Steele.

Maybe we should keep reality out of this, though, as he’s just getting warmed up.  Let’s talk money.

… Nowhere is the inequality of the BCS system more evident than in revenue distribution. The formula is heavily weighted toward the automatic qualifying conferences that are guaranteed a spot in a BCS game and walk away with the $18 million payout that goes with it. The automatic qualifying conferences and Notre Dame receive 90 percent of the $132 million generated by the BCS bowls, a monopoly that if uncovered in the business world would be cause for a Department of Justice antitrust investigation…

Sigh.  This really does get tiresome, but President Kustra might want to acquaint himself with the 2008 NCAA D-1 football attendance figures.  Should he, he’ll find his school checking in at #68 on the list.  BSU’s average regular season attendance of 32,327 fell short by more than 5,000 people per game from the average attendance at this year’s SEC spring games.

So his school doesn’t draw particularly well and it plays a truly crappy schedule, but Kustra still believes it deserves an equal seat at the table.  Makes perfect sense.  Perhaps instead of invoking political correctness, Orwell, the NCAA and Congress, he might do well to take a word of advice from this gentleman:

… You can’t undo it now, but one of the problems is that BCS conferences had to sit by and watch as every Tom, Dick and Harry school that wanted to move up to Division I-A and share in the perceived riches was allowed to do it–from the 1990’s on. Some had the wherewithal to make the transition, but some did not. It’s created a watered-down product in the mid-major conferences and has caused the BCS schools to protect their pot of gold from those they think have not earned it.

If the NCAA had blocked admittance to schools that didn’t meet certain standards, maybe all the FBS schools could be under one umbrella now. Shouldn’t an institution at the highest level of college football, for example, be able to average at least 20,000 fans a game? Turnstile count? No smoke-and-mirrors? That would reduce the pool by 25 schools right there based on 2008 attendance. BCS conferences might suggest the line of demarcation should be 25,000. The BCS team with the smallest attendance last season was Duke: 28,727 a game.

If you want to get treated like an equal, behave like one.


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6 responses to “You just haven’t earned it yet, baby.

  1. Savannah Mike

    Oh Boise State…

    I definitely think our 49-10 walloping of Hawaii doesn’t help there cause either.


  2. Macallanlover

    Actually Kustra is very consistent with our “I know I haven’t earned it, but I want it givin to me society”. Maybe he should move to New Orleans, he should be very comfortable there.

    If we ever went to an 8 team playoff, I have no problem with a mid-major like Boise, Utah, etc. earning a spot as one of the two wild cards, but they need to play at least 3-4 BCS conference teams with winning records to prove they deserve it. No free lunches from me.


  3. South FL Dawg

    I guess working on non-profits can give some people blinders. College football is not a welfare program, Dr. Kustra.


  4. NM

    Great post.

    I would humbly suggest that Dr. Kustra imagine what December 2006 through January 2007 would’ve been like without the BCS. Rather than anticipating, playing, and winning a Fiesta Bowl against OU, Boise would be — maybe — considering itself lucky to be away from the blue turf in a Holiday Bowl or something. After all, BSU that year (as usual) played an atrocious schedule, and the last time they’d played a top-tier team, they got demolished in Athens. No fair system, then or now, would have rewarded that team with a national title berth, so the best Boise could hope for is what they got.

    Consequently, the only reason the vast majority of Americans have ever heard of Boise State University is due to the BCS system.

    The last quote in the post is right on — we WILL see at some point soon a schism in FBS. Whether that means relegating teams to FCS, creating a third subdivision of D-I football, or some sort of currently-unthinkable break with the NCAA, the big schools won’t stand for being pushed around by Congress and the small schools that happen to be decent at football. Nobody would suggest that an FCS team should be included in the national title discussion… so the only permanent solution is to shrink FBS to teams that belong.


  5. Hobnail_Boot

    I get it Boise, you’re a huge fish in a small pond right now. Where you need to focus your energy is in petitioning the Pac 10 for membership. That’s your ticket to the big pond.


  6. SSB Charley

    I’m sorry, but in addition to this otherwise fine posting, is that a Smith’s reference in the title? That’s quality right there. Well done, Senator.