Other than that, it’s perfect.

My friends, presenting the quintessential Bleacher Report post – inept writing, poor grammar, gratuitous mangling of current events, with a touch of passive-aggressive rhetoric tossed in for good measure.

Compare it with Bruce Feldman’s rationality on the same subject.  BR really is the clown car of the college football blogosphere.


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5 responses to “Other than that, it’s perfect.

  1. Doc

    Yeah, that was pretty bad. Seems like something a 15-year old would write.

    “Three Georgia football players arrested at BBQ.”
    Was he refering to Figgins, Wilson and Houston and what was his source?


  2. NCT

    He ain’t even got his license, Lisa.


  3. BR is more like the tabloid tv of sports blogs.
    1. Develop outrageous thought
    2. Write 6th grade short story with the
    thought somewhere in there.
    3. Wait for page scores!

    *Note to self*
    Do not bother to use your English
    Grammar Handbook. No one will


  4. Evan

    But it’s MY clown car….

    If you think of it as a message board that just has really long posts it’ll do you a little better….