Tuesday morning buffet

I’m trying, I’m trying.

  • David Hale relates the story of Brandon Bogotay.  It’s been a fast rise.
  • We tend to believe that the soft OOC schedules we see for the majority of SEC teams are justified because of how tough the conference is.  How do you like that argument when it’s applied to the Big XII?
  • If you’re Damon Evans, it’s got to be a little troubling to see that football accounted for nearly 80% of all athletic department revenues in the last fiscal year.  Of course, since the football program finished second in the country in revenue, the news could be a lot worse.
  • If you’re looking for a basic explanation of the differences between the wildcat formation and the spread, particularly from a NFL perspective, here you go.
  • Speaking of strategery, here’s what Gus Malzahn has to say about the SEC:  “It’s probably one of the last conferences to have a little bit of an open mind as far as doing different things on offense.” Still?  Really?  Wasn’t Malzahn on the staff at Arky when the Wildhog was unleashed?  Even HP would agree that more than half the teams in the conference run something other than a traditional pro set the majority of the time now.
  • Vacating wins at ‘Bama has opened up an entirely new line of attack, it appears.
  • It looks like we’re going to test the theory that there’s no such thing as wretched excess when it comes to Georgia gameday radio broadcasts“Including the game broadcast and a postgame show of about two hours and 15 minutes, the broadcast programming window would grow to at least nine hours…” Whew!
  • Dennis Dodd reports that the BCS commissioners are about to tell the Mountain West to take a hike, son, with regard to its postseason proposal.  In response, the MWC will keep everyone on the edge of their seats about whether it will sign the new contract with ESPN “We will have a decision to make as to whether we will sign the agreement for the next four years or not sign it.” Yeah, sure you’re not going to sign, guys.


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3 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Dog in Fla

    How different does Gus want to be? Will the open-mindedness of The SEC Head Coaches including, but not limited to, defensive stalwart Chizik be able to handle the wondrous formation changes zipping around in the mind of Gus? Will it be like gay marriage?

    While at Fayetteville, did Gus not learn that his Wildcat didn’t work well with a Nutt? While at Air Tulsa, did Gus not learn of the open-mindedness of Urban? While at Auburn, will Gus find himself to be like the most popular OC in the Loveliest Village on the Plains? Or will Gus find himself to be like in “Drag Me to Hell?” Will Gus get to experience the wondrous panzer-like pleasure of the tandem Siamese Twin-like open-mindedness of Bobby Lowder and Pat Dye?

    On a separate but related note, a covert agent in a long black coat and ski mask from Georgia steps up to the roulette table, stares and points at the wheel and then puts Georgia money on red and black betting that its radio listeners are open-minded enough to listen to nine mind-numbing hours of radio broadcasting per game.

    This was not a quick decision. Over the years, Jefferson-Pilot television broadcasts, the latter broadcasting years of Larry Munson, bless his heart, and then more recently compounded by the never-ending spew from Tebow-loving CBS and ESPN so-called ‘announcers’ have slowly and methodically done the preparatory work for deadening the minds of Georgia fans.

    Damon is open-minded enough to see that this is a win-win for Georgia albeit with some adverse side-effects such as the further hardening of the brains of our fans but that will be more than offset by taking money from third party advertisers for doing so.


  2. Macallanlover

    Bogotay is my pick to be the 2009 signee who has the most impact on UGA this fall. I have nothing against Walsh, and hope he has a great sophomore season, but he didn’t seem to have the leg consistently for kickoffs. Maybe he tired from all the practice on FG, Xpts, and kickoffs but he seemed to “overswing” trying to get the distance that Bogotay demonstrated with an Ernie Els type motion.

    I don’t care which kicker prevails, but someone putting the ball consistently in the endzone could very well be our defensive MVP. Requiring teams to go an extra 15-20 yards after kickoffs not only swings field position if we hold them to a 3 and out, the extra yardage takes many drives out of FG range, or trades 7 points down to 3 in many situations (or reverses that for us on responding drives). Over the course of the season, this could translate into an extra win or two. I have heard some criticism about this but it is a great use of a scholly, imo.


  3. Evan

    First Bogotay-I hope this doesn’t turn out that the dawgs are grasping at straws.

    I’ll always probably think of Billy Bennet as my fav. and it’ll be hard to get that kind of
    consistency, but dang it, the dawgs should try.

    Second-I’m elated at the extension of pregame broadcasts. Sadly, there may be no Munson, but his spirit will permeate those broadcasts to their core.