Does Tim Tebow approve of Huntley Johnson?

Deadspin has the life-of-the-office-party story of the Gators’ go-to attorney, as documented in

… the lawsuit brought in 2000 by Johnson’s secretary, Pamela Thigpen, in which she accused her boss of foul language, sexual innuendo and physical assault. Thigpen won a judgment of more than $1 million in a civil trial, and the verdict was upheld on appeal…

Now I understand how Johnson is good at establishing rapport with his clients.  And why he needs the business.



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  1. My question is if he does this pro-bono, as is implied, is that a violation? My guess is that it’s not.

    Also, I’m willing to bet that every major college franchise in the country has someone similar.


    • Mike – he’s getting paid in one form or fashion. And you’re right, every major program has a guy that gets most of this kind of work when the need arises.

      I just not sure they’re all as, ahem, colorful as Mr. Johnson. 😉


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Getting back to Mike’s point, if he’s representing the players for free, why is that not a tangible benefit, almost like getting money. The players get a lawyer that would cost a lot of $$ to a regular person. He doesn’t represent ordinary people for free. He makes money representing folks. Giving legal work is the same thing as giving a player free rent at a hotel, isn’t it? Point 2: He has taken 24 UF football player cases–for free? I find that hard to believe. If somebody else is paying that is a clear violation of NCAA rules–a whole lot worse than selling 1 jersey. The program, and possibly the University itself, is then involved. Would the NCAA ever investigate that? Hell no! Like I said in an earlier post, they make a big deal out of minor infractions and ignore the major ones.


  2. LL

    I wanna hang out with Huntley this fall in Gainesville! Or, Senator, we can all 3 hang out here in Jax for the WLOCP! 😀 I bet he’d show us a great time.


  3. Dog in Fla

    Well played and an example of stunning Pulitzer prize worthy investigative reporting that can only be regarded as reflecting well on all things Florida, our respected SEC East Division rival.

    Thigpen v. Johnson, 778 So.2d 410 (Fla. 5th DCA 2001) contains the simply delightful language of

    “get down on his hog and honk it”;

    “you want me to put my hog in your mouth”;

    “[c]ome in here and give me some head”;

    and asking the plaintiff former legal secretary to give a client a “mercy fuck.”

    Who knew you could ever get in trouble for that? Were the Arkansas Razorbacks ever represented by the firm?

    It is generally thought by most that Thigpen v. Johnson contains some of the finest hog related language since the infamous “Pencil-D!ck” case of Gilbreath v. State of Florida, 650 So.2d 10 (Fla. 1995) in which somehow, someway the Florida Supreme Court thought that the following was an obscene or harassing (apparently not both) phone call placed by a disgruntled spouse of a postal worker, apparently having a little trouble carrying out his duties at the post office, directed to the postal service management employee she thought responsible for irritating her postal worker spouse husband and therefore her:

    “She requested to know what the !**k was going on at the post office, the !**k*** harassment on Jimmy (her husband) and stated that ***damn
    !**k*** b!tch whore (name deleted) called for a
    !**k*** investigative report on Jimmy, and the
    !**k*** b!tch falsified the documents. She stated that she followed that !**k*** b!tch whore (name deleted) to her ***damn driveway last night and if that b!tch called her boss (the name of a well national realty company deleted) and cause [sic] her to lose her job, her mother!**k*** ass is gone. She stated !**k those bastards, you can’t communicate with !**k*** idiots.

    She said if those mother!**k*** c***suckers don’t quit messing with them, they would all be gone starting with the !**k*** b!tch (name deleted) postmaster !**!*** whore-b!tch (name deleted), the c***sucking two-faced (name deleted), and that p*ssy-wimp (?), white faced,

    {and now here comes the best part}

    Pencil-D!ck c**ksucking , red-haired mother
    !**k*** (name deleted). She didn’t give a !**k and it would be worth it to get rid of all of their !**k*** asses.”

    Is that a supportive wife or what? She made about thirty of those calls to the postal management employee’s home.

    Jimmy later had a brief venture marketing high jump basketball shoes but that didn’t turn out well either.

    So we have two things in Florida that are colorful: a criminal defense attorney (he may not be the only one) and the wife of a postal worker (she may not be the only one).