Greatest third down conversion evah

There’s a great post over at EDSBS about the worst offensive series in the history of offensive series – and, yeah, when you wind up fourth and sixty one, that’s a pretty good indication of awfulness – that got me wondering what the longest successful third down conversion in college football might be.

That in turn reminded me about one of my favorite single plays ever, Miami’s conversion of a third and forty three deep in its own territory against Granny Holtz’ Fighting Irish in ’89.

Can anyone think of a deeper hole that a team dug itself out of (conversion by penalty doesn’t count)?  Especially in a big game like that one?



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12 responses to “Greatest third down conversion evah

  1. kckd

    I converted a 4th and 98 with Bo Jackson and the Raiders on one of those old school Nintendo games. Does that count?


  2. DirkDawggler

    I contend that Belue-to-Scott on third and 10 (or basically third and your entire season) from your own 7 yard line was about as big a hole as there has ever been. We were just hoping for a first down. The rest, of course, is history.


  3. That screen to Tyson Browning was on 1st down, right?


  4. dogdawg

    Andre Rison vs UGA 3rd and 46 from the 50. Touchdown.


  5. Hobnail_Boot

    Nithe defenthe, Lou.


  6. I guess Charlie Strong didn’t have the worst third-down meltdown for a Holtz DC.


  7. Dog in Fla

    Was it that play that made Lou Holtz go crazy?


  8. Mike In Valdosta

    Not the longest, but we have had some pretty fine conversions over on the plains (96 & 02)


  9. Mike In Valdosta

    Bobo to Allen on the flats was not that bad either