Kiffin watch: we’re live blogging… and loving every minute of it.

God help us all.

WordPress and Cover It Live don’t completely mesh, for reasons which I have absolutely no ability to explain to you, so you’ll have to click on the link below to watch the great debate, which starts at 8:00 PM.

Of course, feel free to add your comments, which you can do in the usual place, or in the Cover It Live window once things get going.  I think.


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8 responses to “Kiffin watch: we’re live blogging… and loving every minute of it.

  1. Boy…didn’t take long for Mike In Winnersville to take off the gloves.

    I completely concur with your rational, fact driven additions to the discussion Senator. Even if KiffyBaby were at St. Mary’s Sisters of the Poor coaching up the nuns, he been a certifiable asshat.

  2. kckd

    It was good way to kill an hour, but I prefer blogging and responding better. The answers don’t come as quick, but they are much more thoroughly discussed.

    And I’m still not satisfied with how UT fans never answer why Kiffin is pointing to a class 90 percent signed before he started his shenanigans as reason for what he did. And I’m still not satisfied with the professional press and even bloggers for not beating the drum louder regarding that.

    • Because the biggest fish in that class is Bryce Brown.

      • kckd

        He was already considered a UT lean before that. Kiffin and the UT fanbase has made his antics the no. 1 reason kids are signing with him.

        Why was Bryce Brown even interested before any of that?

        • Hunh? Brown was a Miami commit before that.

          • kckd

            On signing day? I don’t think so. He decommitted before that.

          • kckd

            you are right, he was still committed to them on National Signing Day, but it was already being reported that he was backing off the commitment before that. And he had already been talking with Kiffin.

            And I’ve not read one report where he said after he signed, the reason he did was because Kiffin insulted Pahokee, claime Meyer cheated and pissed off Saban with his Lance Thompson quote.

            It was more about preparation for the NFL, which doesn’t have one thing to do with the other stuff.