Wednesday morning buffet

The pickings are a little slim today… still feeling the effects of no Dawgbone linkage.

  • The Laner isn’t the only SEC newbie head coach with needs and a plan.
  • Clay Travis presents a lengthy explanation about why he believes Notre Dame will soon be ready to rush into the arms of the Big Ten.  I’m not sure I buy that, but he makes a compelling case that Charlie Weis had better start delivering real soon, though.
  • This hardly seems like a fair trade:  Dawgbone goes on hiatus and Stewart Mandel is due back this month from his.
  • Another great, over the top post about the BCS at Coaches Hot Seat Blog.  (That’s “great” in the sense of entertaining, in case you were wondering.)
  • This is about as good a tirade about the hypocrisy of the NCAA’s stance – or more accurately, stances – on early departures for the pros as I’ve read.

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