Thursday morning buffet

There are a few tasty morsels out there worth sampling today.

  • If there were a vote for worst college athletic director of the decade, former Kansas State AD Bob Krause would be a runaway winner.  How could the school not have monitored his management better?  And doesn’t school counsel sound a bit overwhelmed by it all?
  • Bruce Feldman ranks the schools with the eight easiest non-conference schedules.  Leading the way is the SEC, with three on his list.
  • I’m not sure what irritates me more – this post at Bleacher Report, or that the AJ-C’s Dawg blogger, Bill King, actually linked to it.
  • It looks like Michael Elkon is getting warmed up for the return of Stewart Mandel.
  • Amazing – a roundtable discussion about the most overrated teams in 2009, and not a single mention of Notre Dame.  Is the schedule that soft, or are people already that far in the bag for the Irish?
  • So Georgia State takes on Alabama in 2010.  Everybody is focusing on Bill Curry’s return to the scene of the crime, but I’m wondering why Saban didn’t take the opportunity to play the game in the Dome and get a little extra showcasing for recruits done.  No doubt Paul Johnson is relieved.
  • Dennis Dodd thinks he smells a double standard in the media’s focus on Florida players’ legal woes.  That’ll only be the case if everyone is still on Meyer’s arse about it next year.  Otherwise, chalk it up to short attention spans, dude.
  • David Hale takes a look at some returning numbers in the SEC.  One thing’s for sure after looking at those – the potential for the South Carolina offense to be a train wreck is virtually off-the-charts.


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6 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. NCT

    I subscribe to the podcast referenced in that Bleacher Report post. I rarely listen to it. I happened to listen to the one where they offered up Van Halanger as a villain based on anonymous insider information. I don’t like that kind of gossip, but it’s the kind of thing that will continue to go viral in places such as certain podcasts, some blogs, message boards, and (of course) Bleacher Report. Bill King should know better.


  2. Mike In Valdosta

    Dennis Dodd’s routine: Pump OSU, pump USC, pump gainesville, repeat.

    That smell is on his upper lip, and it contains pieces of Corch’s dinner from last night


  3. cookinandsmilin

    Notre Dame will win nine games this year… I’m not an Irish fan, just a student of the game… Ten would not surprise me… They have a lot of talent, and this will be a break out year for them…


  4. JasonC

    I tried to link to the BR and it was gone. Maybe they wised up, to whatever it was.