“History proves that Georgia coaches who can’t beat UF usually don’t last.”

Coach Richt, consider yourself warned.  Thus sayeth the Times-Union sooth.


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  1. Left to Right

    Has the guy from the Dalton paper changed employers? (Although I agree that 2-8 against UF would be inexcusably bad, it doesn’t mean CMR’s job would be in any danger. What was SOS’s record against FSU?)


  2. Jim

    1-5 17%

    1989 at Jacksonville 17-10 W
    1990 at Jacksonville 7-38 L
    1991 at Jacksonville 13-45 L
    1992 at Jacksonville 24-26 L
    1993 at Jacksonville 26-33 L
    1994 at Gainesville 14-52 L
    1995 at Athens 17-52 L

    1-4 20%

    1996 at Jacksonville 7-47 L
    1997 at Jacksonville 37-17 W
    1998 at Jacksonville 7-38 L
    1999 at Jacksonville 14-30 L
    2000 at Jacksonville 23-34 L

    2-6 25%

    2001 at Jacksonville 13-16 L
    2002 at Jacksonville 13-16 L
    2003 at Jacksonville 13-16 L
    2004 at Jacksonville 31-24 W
    2005 at Jacksonville 10-14 L
    2006 at Jacksonville 14-21 L
    2007 at Jacksonville 42-30 W
    2008 at Jacksonville 10-49 L

    Maybe his job is not on the line but his assistant’s jobs should be. One of the reasons he was hired was that at least FSU could hold its own against Fla. If 2 & 8 does not get you fired, what does? If you can not beat Fla, you probably can not win the East and the SEC.


    • If you can not beat Fla, you probably can not win the East and the SEC.

      Richt’s team made the SECCG in ’02, ’03 and ’05 and won the conference in two of those three years.

      Ironically, the two years in which Georgia under Richt beat Florida, it didn’t make it to Atlanta.


      • Jim

        That is why I said probably. We were very lucky. If the current coaches stay at Fla, I do not see us getting lucky again.


        • HVL Dawg

          Hey Jim- Just quit while you are behind.


        • Prov

          Coach Holtz says, like himself, Urban is a bit of a rolling stone. He won’t stay at UF forever. Of course Lou is also bat house crazy and heck CMR couldn’t get it done against Zook very often either.


        • Georgia football = Very lucky

          42-30 = Very lucky
          DJ Shockley getting hurt = Very lucky
          Unsportsmanlike personal foul on Vanderbilt = Very lucky
          And on and on and on.


    • mdr

      Goff vs Auburn: 2-4-1
      Donnan vs Auburn: 2-3
      Richt vs Auburn: 5-3

      Goff vs UTk: 0-5
      Donnan vs UTk: 1-4
      Richt vs UTk: 5-3

      Goff vs Teck: 5-2
      Donnan vs Teck: 2-3
      Richt vs Teck: 7-1

      Goff and Donnan’s SEC Championships: 0
      Richt’s SEC Championships: 2

      As much as it sucks to lose to Florida, there are other teams on our schedule.


      • Macallanlover

        +1 mdr

        Too many UGA fans isolate on any one specific thing that isn’t going well while ignoring the broader picture. I want to win them all like everyone else but a little perspective should make any conversation about CMR being on the hotseat laughable.

        During CMR’s tenure, we have 2 SEC titles (same as UF), and have closed the gap with our series deficits to UT, AU, LSU, and Alabama. In the eight games with Florida, admittedly a pretty decent program these days, we have either won, or been very competitive, in six of them. To listen to many UGA fans, we shouldn’t even show up for this game, and they chalk it up as a loss before the season begins. I wonder if SC and GT fans/teams feel so down in the mouth about their chances against UGA going into each season? If so, I never seem to run into any of their fans who have laid down while hoisting the white flag like a Frenchman.


  3. Mike In Valdosta

    Having survived 5 years of the times-onion while leiving in exhile below the border, I can tell you this article is a coordinated attack on CMR’s recruiting efforts in N Florida. The entire state of Florida is littered with columnist and radio guys that cur their “journalistic” chops at the onion after learning their “trade” south of starke.

    Mike Bianchi is exhibit A