On your way to the store, could you pick up some interceptions?

There’s a nice article in the Macon Telegraph today about DeMarcus Dobbs.

While it’s a good reminder that the item at the top of Willie Martinez’ preseason to-do list is “find defensive ends that can generate a pass rush”, it also manages to point to what ought to be the next thing that follows.

“DeMarcus had more interceptions last year than half of our secondary,” cornerback Brandon Boykin said with a laugh. “He did a great job of picking off passes and making plays for our defense.”

Having a non-starting defensive end tie for second place on the team in interceptions isn’t exactly how you draw things up.  Nor is it something that you want to see repeated if you plan on seeing your defense step it back up to being in the upper tier of the SEC.  Martinez needs to find some playmakers to deploy in the secondary this year.


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4 responses to “On your way to the store, could you pick up some interceptions?

  1. Jim from Duluth

    Scary thought – Dobbs tied with a reserve MLB for second on the team in INTs last year. That particular LB happened to return both of his INTs (in the same game) for touchdowns whereas Dobbs only had one.

    Part of rebuilding the defense needs to be making sure guys like Dobbs and Gamble – proven playmakers – are on the field.



  2. kckd

    Getting pressure on the QB is paramount if you want to get interceptions out of your secondary. The two go hand in hand.


  3. Hobnail_Boot

    Could be wrong, but didn’t Pollack finish 2nd on the team in INT’s one year? 2003, maybe?


  4. 69Dawg

    Old saying if the DB’s could catch the ball they would be WR. Our DB’s make our WR look like Hines Ward. They have stone hands.