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Sunday morning buffet

Here are a few things to sample:

  • Nick Saban cries foul over some recruiting web sites pushing false information to recruits about the recent sanctions imposed by the NCAA on Alabama’s football program.  Even more interesting is that Saban thinks the ultimate sources for the negative recruiting are coaches at other schools.  I wonder how far he pushes this.
  • Sooner or later, you knew somebody would make a crack like this“Speaking of the Rebels, coach Houston Nutt got away from his office long enough the last few days to film his role in “The Blind Side,” the movie based on the book about former Ole Miss and Briarcrest Christian linemen Michael Oher. Nutt plays himself. Other current and former SEC coaches who also appear in the movie are Alabama’s Nick Saban and former South Carolina coach Lou Holtz. The filming is being done in Atlanta. New Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin wanted to be in the movie, but discovered the script didn’t call for any secondary violations or accidental (wink! wink!) face time for recruits.”
  • Title IX and… competitive cheer.  This is what well meaning government intervention hath wrought.
  • Cory McCartney breaks down the 2009 Notre Dame schedule.  He thinks it’s sorry enough to get the Irish to a BCS game.
  • Bruce Feldman looks at the battle to be the starting quarterback at Southern Cal – without making a single mention of Mitch Mustain.  What a fine career move mama engineered for that kid.


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Tweet, tweet.

It’s amazing to me to watch a major political upheaval unfold in Iran through personal media, like Twitter.

But maybe I shouldn’t be surprised when I see how Twitter has radically impacted the world of college football.  After all, how else could we be exposed to the wit and wisdom of South Florida’s head coach Jim Leavitt?

Always stay positive no matter life is so precious!

I think we can all agree that’s good stuff there.

Mark Richt gets the last word on this.

“I’m not sure how much it’s helping, to tell you the truth,” Richt said. “But it’s another form of communication, and that’s always good. It’s like anything else. It’s what’s popular now, and we’re all in the business of doing what we can to promote our program, so this is another way of doing it. We’ll see how it all goes.”

No wonder the NCAA is in no hurry to regulate this.

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A Father’s Day post

It’s always worth remembering how much our dads have contributed to who we are and to what we’ve been able to accomplish in our lives.

Thanks, pop.

Thanks, pop.

Seriously, don’t forget to let your father know how much he’s meant to you.

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