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The spread spreads: trickle down quarterbacking

First, it was the NFL worrying about whether college quarterbacks coming out of spread attacks could adapt to pro-style offenses.

Now, it’s the college coaches who are fretting.

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Chemistry set

David Hale blogged yesterday about Georgia’s mindset in the post-Stafford/Moreno era and provided this quote from Mark Richt:

So as the Bulldogs move into the third week of voluntary summer workouts, Richt said there’s a distinctly different mentality among the players without Stafford and Moreno aboard.

“They’ve really decided that they have to come together as a team and work their tail off and get after it,” Richt said. “You can’t sit there and rely on a Stafford or a Moreno to carry the team.”

There’s certainly something to that criticism.  But let’s not forget that the 2007 squad did a nice job of surfing the wave that those same two (particularly Moreno) created en route to a seven game winning streak to finish out the season.  Some years things mesh better than in others.


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Finebaum goes fishing.

This may be the most brazenly naked attempt at pot stirring I’ve ever read. Truly embarrassing.

Are his ratings falling, or something?


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Kiffin watch: discretion is the better part of valor.

Lane Kiffin, Tennessee – (And I don’t use this salutation lightly. I can’t stand calling anyone Dude, or Buddy, or Pal, or what I’m about to use, and I bring it out only for emphasis. Kids, please don’t try this at home.) Bro, if you’re going to be this much of a raging, bull’s-eye-on-the-chest asshat, you had better bring it out of the gate…

Pete Fiutak, College Football News, 6/23/09

SN: Do you put on the television every night and wonder if Coach Kiffin is going to pop up, saying something new or doing something that makes news?
JC: We’re just focusing on us. That’s the main goal, to make things better for us and go into fall camp getting ready for the season. I don’t really pay attention to what’s going on.

SN: What do you make of how he’s been portrayed to the rest of the country?
JC: People go out there and they do whatever they do. Everybody’s going to make money for their jobs. We’re a family here, and we’re not making a big deal out of any of that.

SN: Do you think Coach has embarrassed the program or Tennessee with some of the things he’s done?
No comment. Like I said, we just focus on what’s going on here.

Q & A with Jonathan Crompton, Sporting News, 6/22/09

I don’t know how good a quarterback he’ll be this year, but Crompton knows how to keep his head down.


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If they went 12-0, they’d all get raises, too.

If there’s a point to this whole exercise, for the life of me, I can’t figure out what it is.


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