Fall is sacred.

I’m grateful to Junior for one thing.  By hiring away (now discarded) strength coach Mark Smith from South Carolina, he forced Spurrier to hire a replacement, Craig Fitzgerald.  And Fitzgerald, by God, is a freakin’ stickler for scheduling.

South Carolina’s football players get a break today from the summer strength and conditioning program.

But there will be no rest for Craig Fitzgerald.

The Gamecocks’ new strength coach will report at 5:30 a.m. to Palmetto Richland, where doctors will induce his wife, Mary, into labor. The couple, which is expecting its second son, should be home in time for Fitzgerald to make Monday morning’s weightlifting and running session.

“My wife’s pretty good (at) scheduling,” Fitzgerald said. “She has them in the summer, so we don’t miss workouts or anything.”

Now that’s what I call dedication to the job.  Way to crank ’em out, guys!



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5 responses to “Fall is sacred.

  1. Dog in Fla

    Medellin, Columbia, South Carolina:

    Spurrier now the strongest man in South Carolina since The State neutered the Governor with hard copies of email message grenades that they just pulled the pin on a day or so ago. After Lane stole, bought, sold and paid for Spurrier’s last S & C coach and Coach O fired him just a little over a day into the start a two year employment contract, Spurrier took a little trip to Poland to try to hire Mariusz Pudzianowski. Spurrier had seen him on TV almost bust a nut throwing a Bradley tank over the Mississippi River in the last World’s Strongest Man competition.

    Spurrier also remembered way back when Bobby Bowden was still a football coach, Bobby immigrated a batsh!t crazy rocket legged field goal kicker from Poland to FSU. Spurrier also heard that Richt was going to Poland to hunt for a similar batsh!t crazy rocket legged kicker, couldn’t find one and ended up stealing some guy at a JC in California from the University of Utah which now wants money from Richt to even things out so they don’t have to go for two all next season. So why not go to Poland for a S & C guy?

    When Ski couldn’t get a visa, Spurrier hired prolific baby and schedule maker Craig Fitzgerald to the new S & C guy. Craig and Spurrier first drew up a plan and agreed to make things fun for the Gamecocks, had them rounded up from the local gas stations, and now are having them do fun things like lift pianos, cars, tractor tares, racin slicks and each other. This goes along with Spurrier’s general theme of just making sure all his football players have fun and just get the pleasure of the off chance of being able to hang out with him before the new AD’s scheduled arrival at Tennessee toward the end of the 2009 season who is then expected to offer the UT job to Spurrier who knows his only competition for the Knoxville job will be Cutcliffe.


  2. dean

    My wife planned her pregnancies around her Christmas breaks (school teacher). As a result we have to boys with birthdays within 2 days of each other and less than a week before Christmas.
    I know what you’re thinking, why not her summer break. Well two reasons: first (and this is the main reason) she didn’t want to be pregnant and miserable during the summer. Can’t blame here there. Second, we go to the beach in the summer and there was no way in hell she was going to be pregnant at the beach. Her words.


  3. Doc

    The problem with Christmas time is that the possibility of the birth falling on the bowl games. Best to use a rubber band or drop some birth control pills in her drink when she isn’t looking. That way you can at least keep on “trying” for a while.


  4. “freakin’ stickler for scheduling.”

    seems he is more of a “stickler for ‘freakin’ scheduling”