It’s the offseason, folks, so much of what’s going on in Athens is outside of the public eye – or even the coaches’ eyes.  But Tim Tucker’s got some quotes from a few of the players about what’s going on in summer workouts.

There’s still a lot of the we’ve-got-a-lot-to-prove and we’re-working-harder-than-ever quotes in the post, but I found it interesting to hear from Tavares King that Branden Smith is working out at wide receiver and looking like he might contribute some there this season.  Of course, it’s a long way to September…


UPDATE: Marc Weiszer shares some more observations from the players.



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8 responses to “Summertime…

  1. G.O.B.

    My nomination for your next quote of the day:

    “Branden [Smith] can run like a gazelle.” Tavarres King, 6/26/09


  2. fisheriesdawg

    Why is Branden Smith working out at receiver? Is our corner shortage not bad enough already without moving our one new guy we thought could contribute?

    Is this a bad sign vis-a-vis Smith’s potential at corner?


    • Doc

      Check how many scholly wr’s we have healthy this year and that should answer your question. Plus Smith was always in the cards to play a little wr during the recruting process.


  3. I realize athletes don’t always think things through regarding what they say when a reporter is asking you questions, but seriously; not enough respect?? Don’t give up 30+ points to Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, and Ga Tech, and then we can talk about respect.


    • Add LSU to the list for my rant.


      • To be fair, LSU was chucking it all around after getting down 21. Same reason why the Bama D shouldn’t really be faulted for Georgia hanging 30+ on them.


    • Dog in Fla

      DC Willie, sensitive to and not particularly caring for the r-e-s-p-e-c-t, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Tech and LSU smartass remarks from AuditDawg, asks Damon to arrange for local gestapo to intercept AuditDawg at Clarke County and bar him from entering Sanford for games.

      Damon tells Willie that he’s found it from time to time difficult to coordinate between the local gestapo branches and how about if Damon just contacts Urban and Jeremy to make sure that AuditDawg has Section 37F seats in Ben Hill Griffin wearing full Georgia paraphenalia along with all the other Gator haters for the upcoming season. Willie hesitates until Damon further offers to throw in contacting the Department of the Treasury and arrange for an IRS Criminal Enforcement and Compliance headknocker pay a little visit to AuditDawg in meantime. Willie agrees and thanks Damon for all he does for him.


  4. NRBQ

    Branden will be used as a return man, too.
    That’s gonna be fun.