What are the odds?

Steele’s got the odds to win the (Mythical) National Championship this year as posted at the Las Vegas Hilton up at his blog.

I can live with Georgia coming in at 60-1.  After all, at fifteenth on the list, that’s about where they’re appearing in the preseason polls [insert snarky comment here].  But Notre Dame showing three times more likely to play in the big one?  That ain’t right.

I’ll say it again.  If we don’t get a dream season out of the Dawgs this year, I really hope the consolation prize is a trip to a BCS game for them to play the Irish.  Maybe Jimmy can get some tips about playing one-handed from his brother.


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16 responses to “What are the odds?

  1. cookinandsmilin

    Senator, get on the boat… It’s pulling out of the harbor with ND at the helm… :p

    I love this blog, but your ND bashing is over the top, you seem to go out of your way to throw anyone that thinks differently than you, w/regards to ND, under the proverbial bus… I think you’re averaging somewhere close to 3-5 ND references/week (in June), almost the thin air that Lane Kiffin enjoys on this blog… Is there something in the past that is the cause of your ire?

    Maybe we can talk about it, and help you work through this rough patch…



    • Prov

      Sarcasm? Senator, keep up the ND bashing. They are the most overrated irrelevant team of the last 25 years and their fans rank among the most delusional in all of college sports.


    • The Realist

      Surely, you jest.


    • Dog in Fla

      As a little biddy boy being raised in Alabama, we learnt from our gambling and drinking forebearbryanters that there are two teams you hate:

      1. Auburn OR Alabama (your choice but once you make it, you make it for life probably like the Tech or Georgia choice that little biddy boys being raised in Georgia have), and, of course,

      2. Notre Dame.


  2. Red Dawg

    It makes perfect sense to me Senator. All ND has to do is finish 9-3 with their cream puff schedule and they’ll certainly play in the big one before any 2 loss team.


  3. The Realist

    Chucky Fatts has a one game season against USC… at home.

    It’s feasible that ND could be sitting there at the end of the year with no more than one loss. I could see them in the big one. Winning it, on the other hand…


  4. cookinandsmilin

    At least everyone has an “opinion”…

    Good morning everyone!

    I’m glad to see that others can understand that ND has a good shot at 9-3 or 10-2… But don’t JUST pick on the schedule, and yes, the schedule is conducive to racking up some “W’s”… But, ND has a DECENT team… Not Knute Rockne GREAT, but DECENT…

    I don’t want to highjack the UGA topic du jour with my peanut gallery comments, but it keeps getting brought up…

    Back to your regular programming…

    PS. I’m certain that this season will be fun with a ND win counter ticking away somewhere that will get referenced here… Just one more reason I can’t wait for ’em to tee it up!!!



    • And you’re basing this “decent team” quote on a beatdown of Hawaii??? Presumably since you’re at a Georgia blog, you are aware of how that worked out for Georgia last year, right? Okay, sarcasm off.

      You’re making the point that none of the pundits are making when you say that ND’s potential success can be attributed to being a good team. The pundits keep pointing out the schedule as the reason they’ll end up in the BCS, but the question that remains is : Will they belong?


      • cookinandsmilin

        The question of “Will they belong” will be tougher to judge… I say, probably not… But I will say that they “should” finish in the top 10… I’m basing my opinion on the fact that, like UGA this year, have a lot of depth and experience on the O-Line… They did not have that last year… Also, if you look at the games they lost last year, they lost a couple of close games that could have made their record more “respectable”… As it was, they finished 7-6, but could have easily had 9 or 10 wins last year with a couple of “breaks”… (lost one in 4 overtimes and another on a wierd clock/referee screw up that has yet to be explained that I’m aware of)…

        Anyway, my basic gripe with the ND bashing, is that the people bashing, MOST LIKELY, did not watch a single ND game last year, and couldn’t name more than 5 players on the current roster… JMHO…


        • cookinandsmilin

          I misqualified a previous statement, most everyone CERTAINLY saw the USC/ND first half… and that was not a shining moment for ND, to say the least… HOWEVER, the rest of the free world, does not normally play USC/Primetime/in their house… how first tier SEC teams would have crapped their pants in that scenario??? I don’t know…


    • Macallanlover

      ND may well have a “decent” team this year, I doubt many here know because they really aren’t nationally relevant anymore so most don’t follow them closely. (How many games of their 12 are really worth the time to watch given the other options?) Anyone not conceding you 9-11 wins based on your schedule is probably biased; it is a given. Vandy would win 10 against your schedule. But it is a long , long leap to see ND winning a BCS game, much less a BCS title so it is easy to see why the Senator considers the odds absurd.

      It is time for the BCS to reconsider the preferential treatment it has given ND, they are no longer needed to legitimize the BCS champion. The Domers have laid an egg in every BCS appearance they have been given (and every one was given to them.) ND should have to step it’s schedule up if they continue to avoid playing more than 1-3 games per year against quality opponents. The Irish are much closer to being Utah/BYU/Boise than a legit contender against top rated teams. This is for you and Senator Hatch: if you really want to have respect, earn it. I am surprised more ND fans aren’t angry about what the decision makers have allowed to happen to ND’s football reputation.


      • Bulldog Bry

        Excellent point, Mac. I find myself actually HOPING that ND gets into a BCS bowl game every year. It is only then that they seem to get truly exposed. Only problem is, that means some other team is NOT getting the BCS bid.

        The hatred for Notre Dame doesn’t flow because they are great. It happens because they seem to be getting more attention than they deserve, based on their schedule.


  5. Notre Dame’s schedule is an absolute joke. Other than USC, who will stomp them, every other team on that schedule the Irish have they have a realistic shot at winning. You can’t say the same thing about Georgia and their schedule. I am not saying the Irish are going to go 11-1 because like always or atleast for the past 15 years or so, they will find a way to lose to somebody they are not supposed to. However, If Charlie Weis was ever going to go 11-1, this would be the season. If Weis does not win atleast 9 games, he should be sent packing. Sooner or later all that “so-called” talent has to come through eventually.


  6. NRBQ

    So you’re sayin’ only 5 teams have better odds than Notre Dame, Phil?

    No sale.


  7. NRBQ

    My apologies to Mr. Steele.