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Programs! Get ‘yer programs!

The Anti-Orange Page has posted a gallery of Georgia football program covers from the 1940’s.  Take a minute or two and wade through ’em.  It’s an enjoyable collection.

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Kiffin watch: Lane, you ignorant slut.

Mike Hamilton looks upon Junior’s rash of flashy secondary violations and declares it to be so much piffle.

Hamilton does not believe Kiffin’s calculated actions have included intentional acts of committing secondary violations.

“Where I would become concerned is if we have a consistent pattern of secondary violations, or if we get to a place where I believe we have intentionally violated the rules,” he said. “But I think we are talking about mistakes that have been made along the way. I don’t think in any situation there was an intentional violation of a rule.”

The Laner’s defense is that shit happens, sometimes.  Or that quantity matters more than quality.  Or something else, if you’ll give him a moment to ponder some more ways to spin.  But, there’s nothing er, um, planned, if you will.

… Kiffin admits he has made some mistakes, but he does not believe the number to be over the top.

“We’ve had some secondary violations, but I don’t believe it’s an inordinate amount,” he said. “They aren’t deliberate, but unfortunately they happen.”

Rich Brooks thinks that’s a bunch of BS.

Kentucky head football coach Rich Brooks doesn’t believe that self-reported, secondary violations are always inadvertent missteps.

He believes there may be more afoot as some programs try to get an upper hand in recruiting.

Brooks called for changes in enforcement, saying that will keep the amount of secondary violations from growing.

“The only way that will change is the conference office or the NCAA may have to take more stringent action on those that are having – quote – secondary violations because everybody that is a head coach or a recruiting coordinator in this league understands what the rules are,” Brooks said. “Something really should change.”

When you’re putting the term in scare quotes, that’s a pretty good indication of scorn.  SEC Media Days are gonna be a blast this year.

Plus, you have to wonder what’s getting said about UT’s recruiting practices in private these days.  And if Junior’s talk about everything he’s done being part of a purposeful strategy to raise the school’s profile will come back to haunt him.



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