Tuesday morning buffet

Grab a plate and dig in.

  • Finebaum makes a good point about the toothlessness of the Saban contract extension.
  • Urban Meyer Janoris Jenkins can rest easier today, per state attorney Bill Cervone.  Go Gators!
  • Doc Saturday looks at the hype surrounding Georgia’s first opponent this season, Oklahoma State, and throws out a juicy factoid:  “Mike Gundy’s teams are still 1-11 against opponents that finished in the top-20 since 2005, and 0-8 against Oklahoma and Texas.”
  • If you’re looking for a quick preseason preview of the SEC, this one’s not bad at all.  (h/t Saurian Sagacity)
  • Outgoing Pac-10 commish Tom Hansen does a little Q&A with the Sporting News, and has this to say about the playoff debate:

We get playoff proposals around the calendar, with many more coming in the late fall. There just isn’t anything that would be good in our opinion. We would have to go to 16 teams. The political pressure for participation would be even more intense than in the BCS. You’d have to play the games until the championship on campuses, so you’d be playing games at Michigan and Ohio State, weather-wise, in late December or January. Most of the TV time periods that are attractive then are taken by the NFL. There are some (sic) many factors that people never consider.


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17 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Mike In Valdosta

    Just more BS excuses. Just like politics, it is all about control.


  2. Lawdawg

    You have a typo in the second bullet point. The correct spelling is “Gator.”


  3. Munson's Call

    I hope that preseason preview is right about the Dogs running back core. A- ?


  4. That preview’s awfully bullish on Lil’ Carlton.


  5. Ben in Georgia

    So, according to the preview, Florida’s worst case scenario is an SEC East title and a trip to Atlanta? Might as well give up now, I guess…


  6. kckd

    Anyone who is talking about Murray starting and doesn’t even mention Logan Gray has not done much homework. And that makes me skeptical of anything they have to say about the other teams whose situations I’m not very familiar with.


  7. I like the QB rating for Tennessee.