Envy and jealousy: the golden years edition

Honestly, I don’t know what’s gotten into SI.com’s Andy Staples.  Maybe it’s the pressure of having to perform in Mandel’s absence, maybe it’s something else, but he’s sure written some silly stuff lately.  Like this ode to how “smart” Tennessee was to offer a scholarship to Eric Berry’s 13-year old younger brother.

I mention this only because of how ludicrous it is to hear Evan Berry talk about one of the deciding factors in his, ahem, commitment being the opportunity to play for Monte Kiffin.

Puh-leeze. As Doc Saturday puts it,

… Monte Kiffin (above, with Eric Berry) is 69 years old. He makes a million dollars as a coordinator. Even if Lane Kiffin is still in Knoxville when Evan is eligible to sign in five years — a risky bet, maybe even if he wins — Monte’s interests are going to increasingly include “Wheel of Fortune” and “the couch.”

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  1. It’s a little vulgar, but what is it really worth?

    It’s like two 13 year olds promising each other to get married when they turn adults.

    A committment to a 17 year old is tenuous and without reprocussion if either side backs out. A 13 year old is even more so.