Committed to looking around, for some reason

Any idea what this is all about?

Five-star athlete Matt Elam of Dwyer (West Palm Beach, Fla.) told on Monday he is still committed to Florida, but he plans to take official visits. Elam said Georgia, Alabama, West Virginia and Virginia Tech are possible destinations.

“I’m still committed to Florida,” Elam said. “I’m just looking around to see something different in case something goes down and I can’t go to Florida anymore. I’ve heard a lot about coaching changes and things like that, and I haven’t visited any other places but Florida. I want to look at other places and give other people a chance.”

Is this a case of kicking the tires, a reaction to negative recruiting or is something going on in Gainesville we haven’t heard about?  In any event, I can’t imagine the Gator staff is too thrilled about it.


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12 responses to “Committed to looking around, for some reason

  1. Mike In Valdosta

    My bet, he is lawyer shopping, hoping corch will get his record white washed.


  2. Sounds to me like the kid isn’t satisfied any longer with the Toyota Corolla his parents bestowed upon him. But ANYthing that itches the britches of floriDuh’s corches, makes me smile.

    🙂 (see…told ya!)


  3. Jferg in NC

    is this in response to the rumor mill about CUM leaving for ND once Teabow leaves? Maybe there’s more to that once you’re ‘in’ the organization?
    either way, make them UF coaches sweat and maybe lose focus on other recruits because they want elam so badly.


    • Either that or, because he’ll be a safety, there might be concern of DC Charlie Strong leaving for a head coaching job somewhere.


  4. CFR

    Its probably nothing. He committed very early, and trips are generally fun (the universities don’t like talking about it but the kids have bountiful opportunities to get laid with precisely zero effort and drink underage without having to bother with a fake ID).


  5. For what it’s worth, the word on the street is that the “coaching change” line is a result of negative recruiting by other schools. Elam has now reiterated a couple times since that was published that he’s 100% going to UF, and it seems one theory is that he’s actually taking the visits to do recruiting for Florida. Not sure how much I believe it, but it’s out there.


  6. Football season seriously can’t get here quickly enough. Recruiting has to be the aspect of college football I care the least about, but since there are no games to distract us we get stuck with these stories from the media. Sigh…


  7. RopeDawg

    Elam and Ogletree would make one hell of a safety tandem on the outside chance he switches after his visit to Athens. Probably won’t happen, but that would be FTW…


  8. DallasDawg

    I don’t think I’d invite anyone who’s a “100% committed to Florida” for a visit to Athens.


  9. NRBQ

    Here, here.

    If you’re 100% UF, then take your ass for another visit to Gainesville, aka the hottest, most humid place in the Western Hemisphere, for a summer visit.

    And break a leg while there.