Pat Dye doesn’t think the NCAA is man enough.

The Sporting News interviewed three former coaches whose programs ran afoul of the NCAA about the recently imposed FSU and Alabama penalties (which both schools are appealing, mind you).

Here’s what Mr. Dye had to say about those wussies.

“There’s no question it has changed. I don’t know about Florida State, but the thing with the Alabama case is that they didn’t really significantly hurt the program. They didn’t punish them very much. In the past, the school had to pay for their mistakes. This is not going to affect (Alabama) in terms of winning games.”


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4 responses to “Pat Dye doesn’t think the NCAA is man enough.

  1. Sounds like someone still has their panties in a bunch based on how things ended at Auburn.


    • Mike In Valdosta

      I am sure you are correct, Audit. But his comments ring true to me. Punishment is not metted out with regard to how it will hurt the conference/NCAA financially as much (or more than) the effectiveness of the punishment in eliminating future violations by the offending school. JMO


    • Dog in Fla

      Heck, everybody associated with Auburn for a long time like Dye is still irritated with how much the NCAA let Bear get away with when he was at Alabama. Kind of like Pete Carroll at SC does now.


  2. NM

    Mr. Dye is correct for once. Bama got off incredibly easy.