Thursday morning buffet

Gearing up for the extended weekend:

  • Brian Cook does that oversigning harangue he does so well.  Relax, ‘Bama fans – it’s not your school that Cook blasts.  (That doesn’t stop Capstone Report from firing back, though.)
  • Rex Robinson is looking for a few good stories.
  • Say it ain’t so, Jim Bob. (h/t Team Speed Kills)
  • So much for “I heard it on the Internet, so it must be true.”
  • I don’t know what saddens me more about this story – that a Vandy recruit got into trouble with the law, or that, assuming it’s serious enough, the SEC could be deprived of a certain entry on the “Best Names in College Football” list. (h/t Chris Low)
  • Jerry’s getting nervous about Auburn’s dwindling numbers at linebacker.  Having gone through that last year, we feel your pain, brother.


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11 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. Cook’s latest is the perfect example of why Alabama fans couldn’t take him seriously.
    Cook either lies or ignores the facts when he compares South Florida’s admission policy to Mississippi State. In fact, South Florida accepts fewer applicants than his own Michigan (which accepts over 50% of applicants according to the very site Cook cites, US News & World Report.)

    He is a liar. South Florida doesn’t have a scholarship numbers problem. Even the Tampa Bay beat reporter said Cook was wrong on the facts.

    South Florida gave a scholarship to a walkon, according to the beat reporter who says, “He’s using lines from this blog to illustrate his point, but he’s not really on the mark”

    Is oversigning a problem? Possibly. But it isn’t in the case of South Florida. (Even the player released that Cook mentions says this was a transcript issue involving academics; the player praised Leavitt.)

    To this day, Cook cannot provide ONE single verifiable example of a player “screwed” by oversigning. Could a player be “screwed” in theory? Yes. But in theory, communisim worked too. So did credit default swaps.


    • Just an FYI, the credit default swaps do work if you’re a mortgage company and you’re able to cover your losses. Just not so well if you’re AGI and you decided to insure EVERYBODY.

      I’m not so certain about this whole communisim business though. I haven’t heard about it before.

      Just kidding around with you man.


      • Mike In Valdosta

        CDS should be limited to those with a vested interest. Should you be able to buy insurance on your neighbors home? Should I be able to sell you insurance I cannot possibly provide in the event you file a claim?

        If a bookie takes bets he cannot cover, will the goverment make the bests good? Yes, if the gamblers own enough senators.


        • Agreed, good sir. The problem is that opens up a whole new can of worms about how we define tradeable securities and how do we properly regulate them. Now I’m as free-market as it gets, but I feel that humans are innately greedy which the free-market doesn’t account for so some form of regulation is just necessary. It’s kind of like the movie “Idiocracy” where evolution does not consider intelligence, only ability to survive.

          I could honestly debate the reasons for and the problems associated with the economic meltdown of the last two years for hours. It ranks up there with college football and women as the things that probably interest me the most outside of work.


          • Mike In Valdosta

            Amen. The problem with “trading” CDS on an open market is there was no open market, just a black pool. If you or I trade anything OTC, we will be stopped out at the limits of our trading accounts. This did not take place for Lehman, BEar, AIG or anyother marketmaking firm. The model exists, it just wasn’t used. Furthermore, CDS markets were more easily manipulated. When CDS markets began to be a signal with relation to equities, it became all to easy to short AIG, then short with incredible leverage SIG CDSs, tell a few friends and you have essentially burned your neighbor’s house and collected on the insurance.

            What really gripes me, the majority all the “AIG Bailout” money went to the counterparties like Goldman and Morgan. They should have been forced to take pennies on the dollar in bankruptcy court. But owning senators is a great hedge against incompetence.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Cooter’s Date Night:

    Jim Bob makes his one phone call from a jail in Knoxville to a Gainesville, Florida law firm. Telephone rings. Receptionist answers,

    “Law Offices of Huntley H. Johnson, how may we help you?”

    “My name is Jim Bob Cooter and the Knoxville police have wrongfully imprisoned me?”

    “Your name is what?”

    “Jim Bob Cooter!”

    “Is that an alias?”

    “No, that’s my real name”

    “Wrongfully imprisoned for what?”

    “For crawling into bed with a woman.”

    “What’s wrong with that?”

    “Don’t know but they’ve charged me with aggravated burglary.”

    “Burglary of what?”

    “Don’t know but you got to get me out of here!”

    “What position do you play for the Gators and how much eligibility do you have left?”

    “Used to be a backup QB for Tennessee and was a graduate assistant for the 2007 and 2008.”

    “You don’t play for Florida?”


    “Who referred you to this office?”

    “Read about Mr. Johnson’s amazing defense work for Gators charged with felonies. Heard he’s like 22 out of 23 or something like that. I gotta get out of here, these moonshiners in the cell are driving me crazy!”

    “Did Head Coach Meyer give you our number?”




  3. Dog in Fla

    Morning routine in Law Offices of Huntley H. Johnson:

    Huntley wheels Corvette into lot, parks, enters building and asks receptionist,

    “How many Gators were arrested last night?”
    “You’re kidding, aren’t you?”
    “No. But a Jim Bob Cooter from the Knoxville jail and a Justin Cabbagestalk from the Hillsborough County Jail called for you.”
    “What did they do?”
    “The usual, crawling through a window and getting in bed with a girl and winning an aggravated burglary charge for Mr. Cooter and a B and E of an unoccupied dwelling with, get this, nothing taken for Mr. Cabbagestalk.”
    “No automatic weapons?”
    “No use of dead girl’s credit cards?”
    “Bar fight?”
    “Tazed by cops?”
    “I’ve heard the name Cooter but Cabbage what?”
    “Cabbagestalk. He’s a Vanderbilt signee.”
    “Is that some type of Indian name like Lone Eagle or Lonesome Dove?”
    “Don’t know. Didn’t bother to ask because Urban didn’t refer either Cooter or Cabbagestalk to you.”
    “You know, maybe why Tennessee and Vanderbilt can’t compete with my Gators is that they aren’t getting a mean and nasty enough type of player?”
    “Book my Gulfstream to Birmingham. You and I are going up there to meet and greet the SEC Head Coaches at the SEC Media Days Dog and Pony Show.”
    “But don’t the SEC coaches bring their best behaved players who have no charges against them to the Media Days?”
    “Yes, but think of all the bad apples back home who are going to act up while the coaches are out of town in Birmingham! I can do a pro hac vice appearance in the other states and I can probably build a super criminal defense firm for SEC players throughout the South!”
    “Won’t that make Urban mad?”
    “Maybe but as long as I keep getting felony charges dropped against his players, I think he’ll have to deal with it.”
    “Yes, Sir! I’ll cancel all your appointments and reschedule your hearings so you can appear at the SEC Media Days.”
    “Make it so and get me a one on one with Lane. I hear that he is a real up and comer.”
    “Will do, Sir!”


  4. 69Dawg

    +10 Dog in Fla