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Independence Day buffet

You still gotta eat, am I right?

  • The spread, the Wildcat and the triple option – it’s all the same to the NFL, I guess.  Falcons coach Mike Smith doesn’t like all that newfangled craziness:  “I hope it doesn’t go as wild as it does in college,” Smith said. “Even though many teams are doing it with nonquarterbacks, spread offense is the prevalent offense in college. It can go a number of different directions. It’s option football. It’s ability to space and have four wide receivers and two running backs. It does create different scenarios than we are used to in the NFL.”
  • Meet the invisible man of the Tennessee assistant coaching staff.
  • Israel Troupe’s four career catches currently ranks third on the Georgia receiving corps list.
  • Maybe there’s nothing out of the ordinary about this story, but it sure is getting repeated a lot lately.
  • Video games killed the college football star.


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Merry Independence Day!

This has nothing to do with the Founding Fathers, but I just want to say how grateful I am to live in a country where freedom of the press allows once callow young men to reflect back on their shortcomings and provide us with some insight as to their hard won wisdom.

Thus, from the July 1 edition of The Northside Neighbor comes this retrospective on the currently unemployed (at least football-wise) Reggie Ball:

He would never lead Tech to a win over Georgia.  In his four games against the Bulldogs, Ball threw for 418 yards, completing 45 of 104 passes, which throwing for just one touchdown and five interceptions, resulting in a 0-4 record against the rivals in Athens.

“To be honest, I never really knew what happened,” Ball said.

We’d already figured that out, but thanks for that anyway, Dog.

God bless the First Amendment.


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