Independence Day buffet

You still gotta eat, am I right?

  • The spread, the Wildcat and the triple option – it’s all the same to the NFL, I guess.  Falcons coach Mike Smith doesn’t like all that newfangled craziness:  “I hope it doesn’t go as wild as it does in college,” Smith said. “Even though many teams are doing it with nonquarterbacks, spread offense is the prevalent offense in college. It can go a number of different directions. It’s option football. It’s ability to space and have four wide receivers and two running backs. It does create different scenarios than we are used to in the NFL.”
  • Meet the invisible man of the Tennessee assistant coaching staff.
  • Israel Troupe’s four career catches currently ranks third on the Georgia receiving corps list.
  • Maybe there’s nothing out of the ordinary about this story, but it sure is getting repeated a lot lately.
  • Video games killed the college football star.


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3 responses to “Independence Day buffet

  1. Ben in Georgia

    Sure, we may have 30 arrests over the same four year period as Florida, but how many of our guys were caught punching cops and stealing dead students’ credit cards?


  2. Macallanlover

    I understand Mike Smith’s comment because his team wasn’t built to run any version of the spread, just isn’t in Matt Ryan’s wheelhouse, but I hope it does “spread”. It is a more exciting product that what the NFL has been selling, and would make it closer to the college game. Even having just a “wildcat” package in the mix can complicate life for defensive coordinators.

    I just don’t see enough pro-style QBs to feed all the NFL teams. I don’t follow the NFL closely, but is there more than 5-6 top quality QBs in the league these days? Why not eventually try something different that gives you a chance to compete? That is the key driver of why it has gained popularity at the HS level, and at some colleges as well. There is no way an Air Force, Navy, or Troy is going to get a Matthew Stafford/Matt Ryan type QB, so why not level the playing field by shaking things up?

    As more and more HS and college teams run the spread, the talent pool for pocket passers could get even smaller in the future. UGA is currently benefiting from Florida’s switch under Urbie, just like Arkansas and Old Miss have QBs that were escaping the spread at UF and Michigan.


  3. mattregaw

    I think the reason the arrest story gets so much press is because it seems like Urban puts winning over character and the school looks the other way for the most part. Like your site I am going to add it to my blog roll if you don’t mind.