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Envy and jealousy: strange bedfellows edition.

This is… inspired.

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Charlie Strong has cooties. Or something.

There’s just something really, really wrong about this (h/t EDSBS).

… Twice in the past three seasons, the opposing offenses entered the BCS Championship Game as high-flying units, largely painted as unstoppable. By game’s end, their moods alternated between disbelief and panic. In such moments, the defensive architect generally is awarded a familiar football nickname.


That tag doesn’t fit the personality of University of Florida defensive coordinator Charlie Strong. He won’t amplify his resume. Certainly, he wants to become a head coach. His past and present bosses – Steve Spurrier, Lou Holtz and Urban Meyer – say he’s ready. Strong’s numbers don’t speak – they shout.

But he has gotten nowhere.

Twenty-two schools in the NCAA’s Football Bowl Subdivision (formerly Division I-A) have hired new head coaches for the upcoming season. How many times did Strong get an interview?

“None,” Strong said. “Not one interview. Nobody called me. Zero interviews.”

The guy’s been a coach for twenty six years.  He’s got an impressive resume.  He’s worked with some big time head coaches.  And he can’t even get a meeting?



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Over under sideways down

Team Speed Kills kicks off its week of review of the Georgia program with this post by Year2.  There’s little to disagree with in there, but I did have a question after reading this:

… So what does Georgia look to get from this season? By going with the senior Cox at quarterback, the coaches are signaling they want to win this season despite nearly every other position on offense looking like a “building towards next year” scenario.

Interesting point, although I think the decision to pencil Cox in as the starter is more complex than that.  But what I’m curious about is this:  when does a program cross the line into what constitutes a rebuilding year?  In Georgia’s case, is losing Massaquoi, Moreno and Stafford enough to make 2009 qualify as such?

Steele shows Georgia returning fifteen starters this season, by the way, which ranks slightly above the middle of the pack in the conference.

For what it’s worth, I have my doubts that anyone with the program sees 2009 as a year to rebuild, even quietly.  I base that not so much on Joe Cox, as I do on the whirlwind courtship and signing of Brandon Bogotay.  I don’t see that as the move of a head coach who’s playing for a season down the road.

Your thoughts?


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Doin’ the ‘Bama shuffle

I mean this in a totally non-snarky way:  how many other programs do you know of that seem to go through this exercise on an annual basis?


UPDATE: Jerry does some math.


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