Charlie Strong has cooties. Or something.

There’s just something really, really wrong about this (h/t EDSBS).

… Twice in the past three seasons, the opposing offenses entered the BCS Championship Game as high-flying units, largely painted as unstoppable. By game’s end, their moods alternated between disbelief and panic. In such moments, the defensive architect generally is awarded a familiar football nickname.


That tag doesn’t fit the personality of University of Florida defensive coordinator Charlie Strong. He won’t amplify his resume. Certainly, he wants to become a head coach. His past and present bosses – Steve Spurrier, Lou Holtz and Urban Meyer – say he’s ready. Strong’s numbers don’t speak – they shout.

But he has gotten nowhere.

Twenty-two schools in the NCAA’s Football Bowl Subdivision (formerly Division I-A) have hired new head coaches for the upcoming season. How many times did Strong get an interview?

“None,” Strong said. “Not one interview. Nobody called me. Zero interviews.”

The guy’s been a coach for twenty six years.  He’s got an impressive resume.  He’s worked with some big time head coaches.  And he can’t even get a meeting?



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16 responses to “Charlie Strong has cooties. Or something.

  1. The Realist

    That’s beyond absurd. 22 schools hire head coaches… few of which have comparable coaching records… and Charlie doesn’t even get an interview?

    As a Georgia fan, I implore you. Someone – anyone – please give Charlie Strong a job. Arizona? You’ll have an opening next season. Charlie Strong is your man. Trust me on this. Let’s get this done, people.


  2. DirkDawggler

    I’m thinking that Lane Kiffin will probably spontaneously combust sometime between week 3 and week 7 this year. Tennessee will be calling…


  3. JasonC

    Makes those hires by Tenn and Auburn look even worse.


  4. Macallanlover

    OK, let’s get honest on this subject. The SEC isn’t the most likely area for CCS’s ambitions due to concerns about big money alums being uncomfortable about an interracial couple at the fund raising events. You can minimize that all you want, but money/power in our society is generally controlled by people in their 60s and older. That may be an inconvenient truth, but it is a risk that schools have been reluctant to take on in the biggest money sport in some very profitable programs. (Of course, TN took on a “mixed marriage” of sorts with Junior and Layla…)

    Since that issue doesn’t apply to all areas of the country, it is possible he is lacking in other criteria. I managed some brilliant performers in my professional life that would have been organizational disasters at higher levels. Just being the best salesman, a computer genius, or a financial wiz does not guarantee you have what it takes to be CEO and deal with the board, international customers, the media, the investment community, strategic planning, human resource issues, etc.

    So many UGA fans place Brian Van Gorder on a pedestal for his work as a DC, but his decisions since leaving Athens have shown little of the skills anyone would want in a HC. It is a different skill set at the top. I am not saying Strong lacks in this skill set, but how many of us know? Athletic programs are hungry for success at both the pro and college level, there must be something we don’t know or someone would have hired him by now. It isn’t like he is buried in some obscure position that doesn’t get media scrutiny.


  5. I believe CCS has had opportunities in the past, just not opportunities that he was interested in. He has certainly earned his reputation. Frankly, he was columbia football. He is the “boogey-man” in Quincy Carter’s dreams.

    Miami would be an excellent fit for him if Shannon doesn’t get things going. But that may take a few years. So I will second the UVa nomination. Let’s get him hired before SOS retires. Do not want him back in columbia.


    • Ah, that makes me smile on a Monday. The idea of Spurrier retiring and handing the program over to Charlie Strong. I doubt it would happen — too many ties to the Holtz years, plus the interracial marriage thing (unfortunately) would blind those in charge to the virtues of it. (Though the university, if not the rest of the state, is changing in regards to that.)

      I don’t think y’all have anything to worry about. But I hope you do.


  6. 69Dawg

    This is a clear case of a coach who should have taken the Pro route. He is either blind or bull headed when it comes to being a HC in the south. He would have been a top D coach in the pros and the interracial part would not have mattered at all. The black pro HC’s are all from the D side of the ball.


  7. Joe

    I have never understood this one. Maybe his current coach badmouths him to other coaches to keep the interest level down?

    Why has nobody in the NFL called to make him a DC there? This guy has had overwhelming success everywhere he has been(unfortunately, a substantial part of his resume has been built by shutting down UGA offenses).

    Strong is so much better than Will Muschamp, it’s not even comparable. Maybe it is just as simple as Will being in the good ole boy network and Strong is simply a victim of racism? It is really hard to believe that that is all there is to it.

    As others have stated, I hope he gets a job with someone that we never play. Frankly, I would like to just see him go to the NFL so we have no chance of seeing him in a bowl game.


  8. OnTap

    I’m not one to cry “racism” very often, but macallanlover has the only real plausible explanation for this.

    If CCS wasn’t married to a person of the Caucasian persuasion, he would’ve had at least more than a few interviews by now, and someone would’ve taken a chance on him.


  9. LawDawg

    Look at UF’s success after Spurrier. It is clear to me that Corch Urban Meyers wouldn’t have any MNC’s without Charlie.


  10. Jams

    Maybe he just needs a better agent?


  11. Maybe it’s b/c he’s learned under Spurrier, Holtz, and Meyer and he’s adopted the peckerhead attitude of all three that doesn’t play well in interviews when you’ve had absolutely no head coaching experience on any level at all.


    • Jim

      Lets just fire Richt and hire him. No one here even knows the man and can tell us why this is happening. If his own school will not hire him, why should anyone else.