Doin’ the ‘Bama shuffle

I mean this in a totally non-snarky way:  how many other programs do you know of that seem to go through this exercise on an annual basis?


UPDATE: Jerry does some math.



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13 responses to “Doin’ the ‘Bama shuffle

  1. Do you mean the exercise of actually keeping track of scholarships or the exercise of having ignorant sports reporters and bloggers try to guess how many scholarship athletes the program has?


    • The latter. I presume every competent head coach in America stays on top of this kind of stuff, but why do bloggers care so much – especially ‘Bama bloggers?

      I probably could have said “scrutiny” instead of “exercise” to make my point clearer.


    • Either works for me, but to keep it civil, let’s go with the first one. I also don’t know of any other fan base that keeps track of scholarships in the summer. No one else I know of bothers until it’s time to count up the number of open offers during winter’s recruiting season. And I too mean that without snark. I simply don’t know of another one that does.


  2. Hey, it’s a trend of two so far.


  3. Don’t back off, Senator. The reason only ‘Bama bloggers have to do this is because only one coach in the country has signed way more players than he has room for two seasons in a row. At least in Butch Davis he had company this year.


  4. 69Dawg

    I guess Nick brought something with him from the Pros, cutting players to stay under the cap.