Thursday morning buffet

First off, start your morning with a couple of secondary violation stories.

Next, try these two tales of the recession.

  • You want to know why Bob Stoops is worth every penny Oklahoma pays him?  Despite an economic downturn, the University of Oklahoma has a higher football season-ticket renewal rate than any time in the Bob Stoops era.” That’s with a hike in ticket prices, by the way.
  • On the flip side, this is niceThe timing couldn’t be any better for walk-on defensive tackle Brandon Wheeling to be awarded a scholarship for the upcoming season… Wheeling’s father, Kenny, was laid off recently from his job as a truck driver.”

Finish up with these random bits and pieces.

Oh, yeah… this isn’t a football article, but it’s a Michael Lewis piece, which means it’s still worth your attention.


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6 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. Batdawg

    So Stafford did make it to the Georgia Dome after all.


  2. kingdawg

    Stafford played there his freshman year. Don’t knock the QB that led us to our highest end of season ranking since Buck Belue.


  3. baltimore dawg

    so the cheating article suggests that the diminishing importance of test scores in admission requirements will lead to more cheating? test scores have been of diminishing importance in college admissions for a number of years now, so much so that an increasing number of schools no longer requires applicants’ submission of scores (or consider them to be a very low-ranking admissions criterion). you’d have to show me that there’s been a concomitant rise in cheating among the general student population in institutions where test scores are of little or no relevance in admissions to persuade me that student-athletes caught cheating would have been weeded out in an admissions process that paid more attention to test scores. and i don’t think anyone could show that.

    but you’re right about the tip of the iceberg: cheating is endemic from the most humble to the most elite institutions and by no means limited to student-athletes. but there’s no doubt that higher education breeds a culture of misconduct at every level–presidents to professors to students. mix intense competition (for grades, grants, promotions, wins on the field, publications, etc., etc.–the whole thing) with very little in the way of outside oversight, and you can expect there to be some basic integrity issues.


  4. Stafford also “made it” to the Superdome, BTW. You know, where the Sugar Bowl is.


  5. HamDawg

    Can anyone tell me why so many UGA offensive lineman end up having shoulder surgery? I haven’t done a statistical analysis of other teams, but I live in Birmingham and the Alabama and Auburn OLs just don’t seem to have the same volume of shoulder injuries…
    I posted the same question DawgsOnline… Is it Van Halanger?


  6. Dog in Fla

    The Michael Lewis article brings up some good points. Thank goodness we put Martha Stewart’s ass in prison though. That’ll teach ’em.