Friday morning buffet

This one’s nicely Dawgy-flavored.

  • Damon deflates the Michigan game balloon.
  • I have no clue what the picture has to do with the story here.  I like ’em both, though.
  • Mark Richt tries not to think about Junior.  Sure, Coach.
  • It’s always easy to tell the other guy to take a stand, especially when it’s not going to cost you anything.
  • A couple of Dawgs are moving up in the ranks at the WWL.
  • Georgia’s a 16 point underdog for the WLOCP.  And a one point dog at Tech.  (And make sure you check out the line for Florida-Tennessee.)
  • This is well said.  Of course, what else would you expect a Buckeye fan to write these days?  (I keed, I keed.)
  • Let’s see – Tennessee is counting on the former South Carolina quarterbacks coach to help turn its own quarterbacking situation around because…


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8 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. SSB Charley

    Yes! No more Mike Patrick for night games!


  2. Jferg in NC

    Senator, Year2, Mike in Valdosta, and any others on here who tend to see things way more clearly than I do…can you help me with something?

    As I sit here, I am remembering the quote from a few days ago where our safety-moved to LB-back to safety was talking about his excitement to be on EVERY special teams unit. That got me to thinking–not only does the Defense get better as our team gets healthier…but maybe even more so than the D, the Special Teams will be better with more, healthy bodies.

    Can any of you folks prognosticate on how much better our Spec Teams will be and how, if any, that will impact our overall game outcomes? I think with a big-leg kickoffer and decent scholly athletes on the cover team, our opponents avg starting position will be farther back. Add in a better D and all of a sudden our Offense has some decent field position more often than not. Right? Am I misled on the importance of better athletes on Spec Teams?


  3. donkeydawg

    Your note on Reaves leads me back to my favorite subject-for-tirade: Kiffin’s bizarre approach to his disastrous situation at QB.

    To hear a lot of Vol fans tell it, (a) Crompton and/or Stephens will magically grow wings and fly, or (b) it won’t matter who’s at QB, because two true freshmen will ensure that UT runs for 300 yards a game.

    (Funny that Dawg fans aren’t quite so confident that our own highly touted young RBs, who collectively have a lot more stars and experience than UT’s, are going to be gangbusters, even with one of the better OLs in the country.)

    If you didn’t know better, you’d swear Kiffin is trying to suck this year in the pursuit of the one thing his program is set up to do well, recruiting. From what we’ve seen of Reaves, he’s yet another UT coach whose only obvious strength is in recruiting.

    But I don’t know what’ supposed to happen if Junior gets his five-star QB, and he sucks as well (it does happen, particularly to true freshmen). Using Georgia as an analogy again, Richt doesn’t seem to have had any trouble stockpiling QB talent, even when it wasn’t clear Stafford would leave early.

    The situation at UT is perilous for reasons that have nothing to do with Kiffin’s “personality,” with this one exception: He doesn’t seem to have an executable strategy for winning in the very limited time-frame his “personality” has created.


    • The only reason we South Carolina fans were sad to see Reaves go is because of his recruiting. In fact, some of the optimism about Garcia comes from the fact that Reaves is gone. This, to me, is the biggest problem with the “Kiffin hired us some great coachez!!!111!!” argument from Tennessee fans.


  4. Wolfman

    I miss Ron Franklin and Mike Gottfried.