Road show

You always knew that Georgia’s road record under Richt was impressive.  Steele shows you exactly how impressive it really is (there’s a year with Donnan tossed in those numbers).

The winning percentage is outstanding.  So is the overall ranking.  That Georgia has won five more games on the road than it was favored in is icing on the cake.


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6 responses to “Road show

  1. NRBQ

    I didn’t see the UGA beating the spread on the road numbers, but I do wanna holla at Blutto for workin’ the weekend.

    Until we (or they?) accept that UF’F in Jax is a road game, that number will be inflated.


    • NCT

      Richt’s record in opponents’ stadiums is 30-4 (88.2%). If you include the UF game, the “away from Athens” record is 32-10. But if you’re going to include a regular-season neutral-site game as a “road game”, why not include all the bowls and SEC championship games? That brings the record to 40-13 (75.5%). Still not too shabby (Texas drops from 88.9% to 80% over the same time period once you include neutral sites, and Oklahoma goes from 76.5% to 70.2%).


    • This again?

      Both teams are away from home. The stadium is all of 30 miles from the FL-GA border in a city with plenty of fans of both schools as residents. Both teams spend the night before the game in a hotel. The crowd is split 50/50. It’s a neutral site game in every sense of the word.


  2. Macallanlover

    +1 year2, I agree totally. Until our fans and coaches (including CMR) stop whining about this, the challenge will always be more difficult. It is a neutral game, and UGA has held their own in JAX. So much so that Florida fans pleaded with Spurrier when he took the UF job to move the game because THEY couldn’t win there. He took a “show me” attitude for himself and his teams.

    Attitude of fans, media, and coaches could play a significant role in our players approaching this game without a feeling of doom. The UGA group opposing JAX needs to grow a pair regarding this issue. If you want it moved for pure economic reasons, that is an opinion I can differ with, but respect. If you want to move it because you find it logical to accept/excuse UGA’s performance on a standard size field where we have access to half the tickets, but is a 45 minute flight from Athens, that is an opinion that embarrasses me.

    Often we say the opinions of fans have no effect on the players, I feel this is one situation that contradicts that. This whining has been going on for almost ten years, it has just gotten louder in the past 4-5. Many of our players grew up in Georgia and have been surrounded by this negative thought process for most of their footballl lives. To feel this, along with CMR’s comments, has no impact on them seems naive to me. I doubt CMR would have ever have taken such a strong stand against the WLOOCP had the environment not been receptive among a large number of vocal fans and pot-stirring media.

    The point is we don’t win or lose this game just because of where it is played, but we can certainly increase our chances of losing it with a crummy attitude.

    One more thought on this, does anyone proposing a home-and-home really think Sanford is the equal of The Swamp as a home field advantage? I don’t think you would find any neutral observer who feels that way. So we would trade a (seemingly) neutral field for one clearly tilted toward Florida? I don’t really think the controversy on this issue is based on what is best for UGA’s chance of willing, rather it is just another money discussion…..for some fans individually, or at least the Athens economy. I am not willing to prostitute our traditions for either.


  3. NRBQ

    I wasn’t trying to stir that pot again, nor debate the advantages/disadvantages for the respective teams.

    The Senator entitled this one “Road Show.”

    Traveling annually to Jax is going on the road, even if the stadium is painted red and black every other year.

    They’re road losses.