Sunday morning buffet

Dig in, campers.

  • Paul Finebaum’s feeling the power. Speaking “authoritatively”, Finebaum points the finger squarely at Mark Richt as the negative recruiter who told Matt Elam that Urban’s leaving Florida.  (He says it about 40% of the way in on the linked replay.)  Hey, when you’re the eighth most powerful person in the whole dang SEC, you can say things like that.
  • Mike Hamilton gets a vote of confidence. Actually, it’s a raise making him one the ten best paid athletic directors in America.  It’ll be interesting to see how he’s doing three years down the road.
  • The Sherman Antitrust Act is whatever Clay Travis says it is.  Seriously, does he make a single point here that doesn’t boil down to “it sure seems like a violation to me”?
  • Oklahoma State is God’s way of telling us that T. Boone Pickens has too much money. From 1970 to 2002, OSU spent $10 million on its athletic facilities.  In the last decade?  A staggering $355 million.
  • When is a suspension not a suspension? In the case of Bruce Figgins, when the Georgia coaches aren’t dismissing the idea of turning it into a redshirt season.  Bad, bad idea.
  • There’s no quit in Orrin Hatch. Nobody in Congress stuck around to participate in his farce of a hearing, but he’s still threatening government action.
  • A real football article about Tennessee. If I had to pick one guy who’s out there focusing on Xs and Os right now for the Vols, it would be Monte Kiffin.


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6 responses to “Sunday morning buffet

  1. S.E. Dawg

    On pointing fingers: These people just don’t have a damn clue, excuse the french.


  2. Sparrow

    No mention of this piece in the Times, Senator? I thought for sure it would have piqued your interest…


  3. Thom

    Orrin Hatch is the crookedest SOB who has ever been in politics. Talk about lining your pockets!


  4. We don’t get Finebaum here in the ATL area I guess… but I’d heard he was an idiot. That little snippet confirmed it. Not just the “it was Georgia,” but the comment that “Georgia has been mediocre for a WHILE.” How is he defining mediocrity? I’d define it as what Alabama (aka the team whose nuts he’s riding) has been the past 10 years. What a tool.


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  6. Left to Right

    Parsing Paul Finebaum’s language:

    He didn’t say CMR said Myer was going to ND, he said “Georgia” said Myer was going to ND. Which means Finebaum may have meant one of our assistant coaches. (I wouldn’t be surprised if he was fed that story from UT people-that assumes, of course, he actually had a source and didn’t just make the thing up).

    Also, when he said Georgia has been mediocre for a while, I believe he meant Georgia had been mediocre for a while prior to CMR becoming head coach. The comment was made in the context of Finebaum arguing CMR is not on the hot seat because he hadn’t replaced a coaching legend. As part of making that point, Finebaum mentioned Donnan and Goff and then said Georgia has been mediocre for a while.