Factoid of the day

During this decade, there’s only one D-1 school that’s won a higher percentage of its road games than its home games, per Phil Steele.

That’d be Georgia.

Consider that, per Steele, the average D-1 team has a home winning percentage 23.7% greater than its away winning percentage.


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8 responses to “Factoid of the day

  1. X-Dawg

    Looks like we have Okie St. right where we want them 😉


  2. G.O.B.

    With @ OSU, @ Ark (trendy upset pick), @ UT (didn’t go so hot for us last time) and @ GT, let’s hope CMR keeps on doing whatever it is he’s been doing.


  3. mikeinvaldosta

    That, and CMR’s record against the defending MNC, is something to hang our collective hat on. But I prefer a healthy offensive line, a hungry defense, and senoir leadership. If we identify a “go-to” running back to chew up some clock we will have all the ingredients required for a special season.


    • 69Dawg

      After watching last years games our RB’s are going to have to get a lot better. The drop off from KM was breathtaking.


      • joe

        Remember KM made a lot of those holes because of the patchwork OL. IF a healthy OL holds up all season, it won’t matter much who is running behind them, he will have holes to run through.


  4. kingdawg

    I would bet that the 23% “difference” is largely attributable to the number of paid OOC games and the fact that the D1 teams that visit for a lot of paid OOC games don’t play six or seven home games each year.

    As for the Dawgs, we’re pretty much even road v. home in conference. Our out of conference opponents just have not been as good as us for the most part.


  5. Hobnail_Boot

    So of course, looking forward, this begs the question of which is the aberration: CMR’s unusually high road winning %, or his comparatively low home winning %?

    Hopefully as the 2nd decade of his tenure rolls around, it’ll prove to be the latter and not the former.