Some more SEC QB talk – good and bad

Another week, another list, in this case one from Wally Hall, who covers Arkansas.  I only mention it because if he’s right about Joe Cox being worse than Crompton and whoever winds up starting at Auburn, it’s going to be a long year, folks.

On the other hand, from this column in which Mike Bianchi auditions for the job of Urban Meyer’s agent comes this gem:

… How much extra did the networks agree to pay because of the intoxicating fervor surrounding Tim Tebow, a Meyer recruit who is the national face of college football and arguably the greatest player to ever play the game?

How much indeed.  In Bianchi’s mind, the GPOOE™ is such a transcendent figure that CBS and ESPN were willing to commit to multiple years at record amounts with the SEC just to get access to one player’s last season of greatness.  Hmm… does that mean the next TV contracts will be for much less money?

Of course, maybe the networks are planning to preempt live games in future seasons for Florida reruns.


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12 responses to “Some more SEC QB talk – good and bad

  1. BigOldDawg

    Since one of the quarterbacks Wally lists at Tennessee, B.J. Coleman, has already transferred to his hometown school (UT-Chattanooga), I wonder if we should worry about what Wally thinks about anything?


  2. G.O.B.

    Wow, dead last? Well, if #6 Crompton is “due” a good season he probably deserves it, what with the death threats and all.

    I pretty sure the Crimson Avenger will surprise us. I just hope it’s not going to be us Cox supporters who get surprised.


  3. Batdawg

    So, Joe Cox, who has four years experience in a system and has actually started and played in the SEC, is less a quarterback than a guy who has sat out a year and never taken a snap in this conference?

    No, that’s not a homer pick, is it?


  4. Don’t mind Bianchi. He just writes stuff to get a reaction, kind of like a Finebaum Lite since he doesn’t have regional fame. Everyone in Florida pretty much hates him.


  5. The Realist

    Wally Hall has produced the least insightful, most wrong-headed piece on 2009 SEC quarterbacks that could possibly be written. So everyone that was trying can quit. The competition is over.


  6. Left to Right

    Just to pile on:

    So for Wally Hall the third best quarterback in the SEC is “whoever is starting for Arkansas?” And Crompton is the 6th best QB because “he’s due for a good year?”

    And I don’t understand what Bianchi is saying either. Media types are having to scrape the barrel for story/column ideas before the “off season” for football ends.


  7. Macallanlover

    Wow, I don’t know what Wally does for a day job, but I suggest he keep it. I do think he got the Top 2 right, but I don’t know anyone who couldn’t figure that out.

    Cox is definitely a question mark, and indeed has some big shoes to fill, but I don’t see a huge falloff in passing numbers for UGA this year. It will be different because we get yardage due to more time to throw from improved OL play, and improved accuracy rather than the deep, down and out bullets. Even if Cox stumbles, I think Gray would be ahead of at least six of the guys on that list.

    Ranking an Elite 11 QB with five years under CMR as 12th best in the SEC is pretty dumb, particularly since he has two at Arky in the Top 5. (Personally I have trouble typing with “blinders on”?) To be fair, there is a big drop in both talent and experience once you get beyond Snead and Tebow with SEC quarterbacks this year, but his commentary shows he didn’t put much thought or research into this article.


  8. joe

    Don’t they know all they are doing is stoking Joe Cox’s fire? He is a competitor and physically the one QB he reminds me of the most is Eric Zeier. Same type of size, arm and accuracy. Lots of pundits will have egg on their face as Joe Cox proves to be more than ready to QB the team.


    • Macallanlover

      Nah, they will just talk about how UGA has no one to fill Cox’s shoes in 2010 and predict our demise again. Seriously, I don’t think Joe is going to make first team All SEC, but he is a solid player that only lacks a little in experience. People forget he has played a big role for UGA before and that he has been working against some talented defensive players in practice for four years; it isn’t like he is a freshman, or RS freshman at this stage.

      MS missed so many open receivers over the past 2-3 years that Cox will put up good numbers just from the gimmees we have missed. Our OL should give him enough time to set up and make those throws that Matt often had trouble with. The downside is JC isn’t going to make those “OMG” throws we saw at times from Staff…..but neither is any other QB in this conference. I feel Joe Cox is just slightly above John Parker Wilson’s ability and like JPW, he will benefit from a strong OL and a pretty solid running game.

      This 2009 UGA team is not going to be about which of our two offensive superstuds will carry the load each Saturday, it will be about how wisely we use the four star talent we have been grooming. I don’t see our success being the result of Joe’s knocking them dead and everyone singing his praises, rather it will be the collective effort of every one of those guys on offense, including some 2nd and 3rd teamers that are hungry for playing time.


  9. HamDawg11

    Wow, this guy makes me feel like a football guru. Ryan Mallet OR Ryan Wilson at #3, seriously? His basis for putting Cox @ #12 is because he has such “big shoes” to fill. Hmmph, I thought he was ranking them according to their own abilities, not whom they were replacing. Oh well, just more bb material for JC and crew.

    Go Dawgs!!


  10. Dog in Fla

    These Guys Give Sportwriters’ Love a Bad Name:

    Nurse wakes Wally Hall, the holder of the Grantland Rice Furman Bisher emeritus motorized wheelchair in the Fayetteville Home for Aged Sportswriters, spoon feeds him breakfast and tells him to write column ranking SEC QB’s. Wally asks, “Where am I?”, the nurse replies, “You’re in the pressbox with Frank Broyles.” Wally then asks, “Do I have to put the QB’s in any type of particular order?”, and the nurse says, “No, just be sure to include all twelve teams in the SEC.” Wally replies, “Twelve? I thought Arkansas was the only non-Texas team in the Southwest Conference. What do we have to do with the SEC?” By then, the nurse had taken his bedpan and left the room.

    Mike Nair Club for Men Bianchi returns from lost weekend in blue-collar strip clubs along Orange Blossom Trail, determined to turn his life around and not be assigned a seat in section 37 F and writes his best brown-noseded all hail Augustus Caesar yet column about the Pope of Alachua.


  11. JasonC

    Watching the 08 Auburn-Tenn game right now. Hall if seriously effed in the head if he think Chris Todd or Crompton are better than Cox. Even the CBS announcers were mocking Todd’s shotput style lobs.