Those new SEC TV contracts: “But I don’t know how measurable it is.”

That’s a quote from Dabo Sweeney, Clemson’s head coach, about the torrent of TV money getting ready to fill the coffers of SEC athletic departments.

He might want to measure the SEC’s $3 billion over the next fifteen years against this:

… Each of the SEC’s 12 schools received approximately $5.3 million from TV revenue during the 2007-08 academic year. When the conference’s new contracts go into effect for the upcoming fall sports season, each school could eventually receive approximately $15 million in TV revenue.

For the sake of comparison, according to the SportsBusiness Journal, the ACC’s TV contracts with ABC, ESPN, Fox Sports Net and Raycom Sports will have paid the league approximately $560 million over 10 years when they expire at the end of 2011 sports season. The Big East is in the midst of a six-year, $200 million deal with ESPN.

The only league that comes remotely close to matching the SEC’s deal is the Big Ten, which is in a 10-year, $1 billion agreement with ESPN and a 25-year, $2.8 billion deal with the Big Ten Network.

Facilities and coaching salaries are just the most obvious items that may be affected between the conferences.

The flip side is who’s beholden to whom with those kind of numbers in play, as Diddy Bowden notes.

“You can see why when they tell you when to play, that’s when you play, don’t you?” Bowden asked.

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