Envy and jealousy: the view from Seat 37F edition

Over at fanblogs.com, War Eagle Atlanta shares with us a nice, dry observation on the relationship between Corch Meyers and the local media:

… Meyer then ordered Dooley and three other writers to print the remarks. I say ‘ordered’ rather than requested because none of them wanted to have to start paying for their own tickets to Florida Field.

Well played, sir.


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5 responses to “Envy and jealousy: the view from Seat 37F edition

  1. Squarebush

    Zing! Very nice!


  2. Dog in Fla

    And if you hurry, get your credit cards out and go the link below, you can not only see, but buy, a color photo of Urban ‘I’m not going to Notre Dame. Ever!’ Meyer pointing and staring with battle gear whistle hanging casually around his neck with blue ink pin cosmopolitanly and metro-sexually clipped to whistle strap so Urban can quickly add names to his sh!t list before he forgets them.

    All buyers should note that this future collector’s item ***k South Bend pic is a rare double pointer: Urban’s pointing at you with right finger and pointing at Hell with left finger. This signals that he wants you to go to Hell.

    All and more of this at Pat Dooley’s July 13 column paying subservience to Urban although not quite as suckupedly as Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel recently did:



  3. Who cares???

    I’d prefer for the megalomaniac to stick around a few years so we can beat ’em straight up.

    Just beat ’em.


  4. Jitterbug

    I’ve been following Coach Urban for some time since he was at Pittsburgh and then Utah and I can tell you that he won’t ever leave for Noter Dame. He may leave for someplace fancy and pleasurable like Hawaii, Miami, Charleston, SC, or USC in Los Angeles but never Indiana.

    If I had to make a call, I would suggest Coach Urban experience Charleston, SC. It’s such a nice town with good restaurants and things for his family to do. Plus, he’d be surrounded by plenty of talent in and around South Carolina and Virginia.