First step to greatness

Shorter John Adams:  That Tennessee can’t sign a quarterback recruit to save its life is a sure indicator that the program is headed in the right direction. (h/t Team Speed Kills)


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2 responses to “First step to greatness

  1. The Realist

    It’s a good thing pushing B.J. Coleman out was part of the master plan. Otherwise, it would seem to be a major mistake that might cost the program dearly.

    “The Volunteers are the only Southeastern Conference program with no quarterbacks still enrolled from the last three signing classes, and they have none publicly committed for 2010.” – Wes Rucker

    Hmmm. Crompton in 2009. Stephens in 2010. If they don’t sign a quarterback for the 2010 class, they’ll have no choice but to start a true freshman in 2011… if they sign one then. Georgia fans know that even highly talented true freshmen quarterbacks will struggle in year one. So, getting a quarterback in 2010 seems like a huge freakin’ deal. It seems like this more than anything will determine Kiffin’s success. After all, he has the best recruiters in the conference, right?


  2. Dog in Fla

    After Lane’s super-duper salesmanship convinces Scoggin that secondary violations are the norm in the SEC with no loss of TV time, other than Pete and Urban, the only hold up in Scoggin committing is that Lane must promise Scoggin that the Clawfense is gone.