“Strong had his polo shirt buttoned to the top, as is his style.”

That should tell you that Charlie Strong’s talk last night with the Capital Area Gator Club in Tallahassee wasn’t as scintillating as, say, your typical Lane Kiffin-meets-the-fan-base get together.

But, still, as cocknfire notes, Strong managed to toss out a little bulletin board material for the Dawgnation:

Strong was very diplomatic in speaking about the SEC teams, but made the point that LSU will be the most difficult game this season since it is at Baton Rouge.

Here’s hoping the Ginger Assassin lives to make him eat those words…


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19 responses to ““Strong had his polo shirt buttoned to the top, as is his style.”

  1. Charlie Gator

    If that is bulletin board material for you Dawgs then just phone in the season. The real gem of Coach Strong’s comments was that Carlos Dunlap is playing like Wilbur Marshall. Now that should scare everybody.

    • Good ol’ Wilber. Georgia couldn’t have won that ’83 game without his key personal foul penalty.

      Thanks for reminding me. 😉

      • Charlie Gator

        I believe it was more Gator inept offense or good Dawg D than one play. But keep hold of those 26 yr old memories.

        • Prov

          What is the actual shelf life for fond memories? I want to know when I can expect to stop hearing about UF’s current run.

        • For the life of me, I can’t figure out why Gator fans have a reputation of being such d-bags. That’s so untrue.


          Charlie Gator

        • Yes, the classic “you didn’t win as much as we lost” argument. Gators may win national championships these days, but old excuses die hard. Keep poking the wounded animal with the stick. It will make seeing Tebow cry in October that much sweeter. Think he can pull off another “speech” about having a losing record against Georgia?

          • Charlie Gator

            Mr. Prov
            If a 10-9 victory is good for 26 years, then 2 National Championships in the last 3 years must be good for 75-80 years. So watch your health you will need to live a long time.
            Mr. AuditDawg
            No excuses. Dawgs won the 83 game with a great effort. Gators inept offense maybe was because of Dawg D. Tim’s speeches will be at the New York Athletic Club and in Pasedena.

            • Prov

              Awesome, that means I’ve got another 15-20 years to brag about the ’80 MNC .

            • Very good sir. I believe you’ve once again proven my theory that the word “humble” has been stricken from the dictionary in Gainesville.

              FYI, New York Athletic Club doesn’t exist. The Heisman was presented at the Downtown Athletic Club which was destroyed on September 11, 2001. It is now presented at the New York Hilton.

        • Reversion to the mean

          As the old saying goes, “Pride cometh before the fall”.

          Keep talking gator.

  2. Dog in Fla

    Charlie Strong is probably more worried about playing Mullins and Mississippi State in Starkville the week before Georgia than he is about playing Georgia.

  3. If NCAA 2010 is any indication, the Ginger Assassin needs some work. Here’s hoping video game Ginger Assassin is far inferior to actual Ginger Assassin.

  4. Gator Trolls

    Someone insulted the precious! Again!

  5. G.O.B.

    Charlie Strong knows the Georgia game will be less difficult for his team because it’s cooler in Jax than in Gainesville.

  6. Dog in Fla

    “Strong called this the most anticipated season in Florida football history.”

    Magic 8 Ball predicts ‘this the most anticipated season in Florida football history’ will be as good for them as our pre-season #1 last year and the team that Donnan waited 54 years to coach were for us.

  7. Just an observation. Am I the only person that reads this quote and immediately thinks of the Simpsons episode where Grandpa Simpsons says “I had an onion tied around my belt, which was the style at the time..”?

  8. The Realist

    Call me crazy, but Florida was not able to go undefeated last season with, arguably, better personnel. So, why is it beyond a foregone conclusion that Florida will win all their games this season? If they don’t go 14-0, is their season a failure? I would say so. That’s an awful lot of pressure to put on a team whose last undefeated/untied season was right before never.

  9. joe

    When we beat Florida, I hope Strong is reminded of this.