Crash the party.

Heisman Pundit’s post exploring the possibility of Max Hall as a darkhorse Heisman candidate raises a bigger question in my mind in light of the recent BCS/playoff debate:  if BYU somehow runs the table this season, won’t it be a strong contender for a slot in the BCS title game?

Look at the schedule.  The Cougars would be 12-0 with wins over Oklahoma, FSU, TCU and Utah.  Yeah, they do play the rest of the Mountain West, but at least there isn’t a single 1-AA school on the slate.

Sure, it’s something of a longshot, but if you figure that the rest of the D-1 landscape winds up looking like it has the past two seasons, an undefeated BYU squad would make for an interesting national discussion about the postseason, don’t you think?


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  1. Ed Gunther

    Interesting idea, Senator. I think it’ll depend mainly on 1) how good those named non-conf teams actually turn out to be, 2) how well the MtnWest as a whole fares against the BCS conferences, and 3) how many other undefeated teams there are in December. I’d say that at minimum, BYU will need 1 and 2 to fall into place, and there’d have to be less than 2 undefeated BCS conference teams. The Utah backlash from last year is only going to get them so far, especially once the season actually starts.


    • If there are two BCS conference teams undefeated at season’s end, I agree that BYU will be on the outside looking in (although it might be a close call if one of those teams were from the Big East). If that happens, Orrin Hatch’s head will explode.


      • JasonC

        Now I am perplexed. Should I root for a BYU MNC which would mean: a) Florida didn’t win it and b) the BCS could say to Hatch, “see our system is fair, so shut up!” Or should I root for an undefeated WV-USC title game with an undefeated BYU on the sidelines (and maybe getting housed by Florida in the Sugar Bowl) and getting to see Hatch’s head explode. Decisions, decisions.


  2. Macallanlover

    The absolute worst thing that could happen to a BYU or Utah would be to get invited to the BCS title game, or for a playoff to be instituted. In either case, they would get exposed. Better to sit on the outside and take cheap shots. (Can you see a BYU, Utah, Hawaii surviving an 8 team playoff against the best teams in America? That would be more quality athletes than they would normally see in two decades. Better chance of seeing the US abandon capitalism and appoint czara.)

    Only way BYU gets to the title game is if there is only one undefeated BCS conference team and for BYU to run the table and……..BYU ain’t gonna beat Oklahoma!


  3. Jams

    I’d say Utah is on the outside looking in if the two undefeated BCS teams are “name” programs like Florida, USC, Texas, etc. But if, say, North Carolina or Rutgers or Michigan State were to surprise and run the table, BYU would still be in a good position relative to them.

    BYU will start the season higher in the polls than a lot of teams, and if they somehow beat Oklahoma the first weekend, they would likely have the best win of any team for at least the month of September and skyrocket into the top ten. That’s a good head start on other contenders.

    The good thing is that we’ll know where things stand after the first weekend.


  4. kiyoshige

    Agree completely with Macallanlover. I’m a diehard BYU Cougar and MWC fan and I actually LIKE the BCS. Don’t love it, but like it because I don’t think there is a better way to determine a national champion.

    Purpose of BCS is to pit #1/#2 against each other at the end of the regular season. For a Utah/BYU or other “mid-major” to make it that high, then they have to have a schedule like BYU has this year and run the table (not a schedule like Utah had last year or Hawaii or Boise St or the 2004 Utah team).

    But, we will get run by OU. OU absolutely destroyed TCU last year through the air and TCU exploited our lack of speed. We don’t have the experience and playmaking to make up for the lack of speed.


  5. David

    Even if BYU does run the table (it would truly be a miracle to beat OU in Dallas), they very well may STILL be sitting behind an undefeated and higher ranked Boise State. If BSU beats a higher ranked Oregon on the blue turf the first game, the BSC buster debate is over as BSU will not be challenged the rest of the season.

    BYU will be good but the reality is that they will lose to OU and at least one of the FSU, Utah and TCU games – and Boise State has the best chance of all the non-BCS teams of running the table.