Nobody knows who the third best quarterback in the SEC is today.

The SEC Coaches Preseason All-SEC team is announced, and to what should be no great surprise, Florida, LSU, Alabama and Georgia have the most selections.

I’ve got no idea why Julio Jones is a unanimous pick while A.J. Green isn’t, but I guess that makes me even with the coaches, who, in flailing around with their quarterback votes after Tebow and Snead, obviously have no idea about the next best candidate.  They came up with this tie for third-team:  Stephen Garcia and Mike Hartline.

That’s a sad thing when Wally Hall’s list makes more sense.


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5 responses to “Nobody knows who the third best quarterback in the SEC is today.

  1. RedCrake

    The SEC coaches get it wrong again. Everybody knows that Timmy Tebow (aka Jesus Christ Part Deux) is the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd best quarterback in the SEC.


  2. kingdawg

    The lack of respect for Joe Cox is amazing. Does nobody realize that Logan Gray would start for Auburn, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Mississippi State, and Kentucky without much of a fight. He’d be in a QB battle right now if he was at Alabama, LSU, Arkansas, or Tennessee. Obviously, UGA’s coaches are making a terrible decision 😉


    • Will Q

      Hell, even if you’re basing it on performance so far, Cox has been more impressive than both of those guys.


  3. Dog in TN

    Wally lost all credibility when he mentioned B J Coleman at TN. Coleman has left.

    Obviously, Hall is just collecting a paycheck and like most journalist today doesn’t research his work.