Sunday morning buffet

Just a few niblets for you:

  • “SEC on ESPN” – a logo, a state of mind.
  • The Nick Saban Scholarship Watch is alive and well.
  • What is with these absurd comparisons of inferior coaches to Pete Carroll?  Now it’s Ron Zook, “the Pete Carroll of the Midwest”.  Who actually says stuff like that?
  • If the GPOOE™ has to use not being a unanimous pick in the SEC preseason coaches’ vote to motivate himself, Florida’s in worse shape than I thought.
  • Speaking of Tebow, how’s this for a creepy comment from his head coach?  “He’s my Vitamin B-12.  If I’m not there with him, I call him every day.”


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3 responses to “Sunday morning buffet

  1. Ty Durden

    Following is actual footage from Meyer’s recruitment of Tebow. Seems to fit his quote perfectly


  2. kcits

    “He’s my Vitamin B-12.” – Does this mean he calls him up when he needs a shot in the butt? Sorry, It had to be said.


  3. Ty Durden

    does Meyer actually ever think about what he says before saying it? I guess when he whoops our ass on a consistent basis and wins 2 MNC he can give the blogosphere as much fodder as he wants to with comparably miniscule repercussions