Ultimate pot meets kettle moment

Gregg Doyle Doyel calls Finebaum an idiot over the Meyer-to-Notre Dame story.


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4 responses to “Ultimate pot meets kettle moment

  1. The Senator thinks Doyel is such an idiot, his name doesn’t even deserved to be spelled correctly. The ultimate backhanded insult. I like it. “Doyle” is just Finebaum with a bigger outlet, spouting nonsense and hyperbole just to get a few more page views from the lowest common denominator.


  2. I wish that were the case, AD. I just messed up. Although I got all the “G”s in his first name right.


  3. Lowcountry Dawg

    Doyel is mad because Finebaum is working his side of the street


  4. joe

    The world would be a better place if everyone agreed to just stop linking that crap.

    Those first two lines are gold, though.