An equal opportunity pot stirrer

Paul Finebaum tries to take Mark Richt down a couple of notches.

I say “tries”, because it’s hard to take anyone seriously who prints this:

There are threats from other places as well. Certainly, Tennessee is already more formidable on the recruiting trail under Lane Kiffin. And it’s possible that Auburn — under Gene Chizik — could be a tougher recruiting foe as well.

No doubt they’ve been quaking in their boots in Athens ever since Junior and Chizik showed up on the scene. That’s why recruiting’s in the crapper this year.

Take a minute to read it, if you’re in need of a quick chuckle.


UPDATE: For some reason,’s John Pennington thinks it’s important to remind us that he was all over the “if I throw out enough hypotheticals, Mark Richt could be on the hot seat” meme first.



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27 responses to “An equal opportunity pot stirrer

  1. GumpDawg

    I seriously don’t understand the hype/attention around this guy. He all but admitted yesterday on another show that his CUM article two weeks ago was really about trying to get attention/stir the pot when things were boring and the summer hot. There was nothing new in that article and not this one either, he’s a drama slut…and his show is the most overrated thing EVA…cept its all that’s on over here in the good ole capital city.


    • Left to Right

      Yep. For some reason he has decided to do a number of can-never-be-verified hit pieces on Richt in the last few weeks. Maybe he’s stumped for conspiracy material now that Fulmer is gone.

      He’s perfect though for the paranoid narcissistic football culture in Alabama.


  2. This was hilarious….the funniest part to me was when he talked about our “widespread discipline problems” and then mentioned that we should perhaps be using CUM’s approach. I guess because all of those gayturd arrests don’t constitute a “discipline problem?” Unlike our bunch of Scooter outlaws.


  3. D.N. Nation

    However, the one thing you hear more than any concern is the national championship. There is a feeling among some in the Georgia fan base that Richt simply can’t get it done.

    Yeah! Why didn’t Richt use his mental lasers to make tOSU drop that 4th down pass against Purdue????


    • I almost dropped my coffee in laughter reading that. I guess Richt should have used his telekinetic powers to cause South Carolina, Vanderbilt, or Kentucky to make a field goal against Tennessee as well?


  4. So my Gators are in trouble because Urban Meyer is so good he might leave. The Dawgs are in trouble because Richt isn’t good enough so he might get fired.

    What both Finebaum articles have in common is that they are mostly the imagination of one Paul Finebaum. He doesn’t quote anyone of substance but rather takes common observations (“Meyer has Notre Dame connections!”) and extrapolates them to their furthest reaches.

    As for the first 2 posters, “CUM” and “gayturd”? Really? Are you 12 years old?


  5. Paul Finebaum

    Hope you liked my column, Dawgs! Coming up in my series of Coaches Who Are Not Nick Saban And Therefore Suck: Bill Belicheck, Phil Jackson, and Connie Mack.

    Address my column, Dawgs!


  6. Here’s what I desperately want to see happen at SEC Media Days, and it can either be with Meyer, Richt or whatever other coach this guy decides to test the libel laws with between now and then:

    Reporter: Coach ____, what do you have to say to about reports that you (will leave for Notre Dame, will get fired with a .788 winning %, no longer beat your wife on Sundays, etc.)?

    Coach: What reports?

    Reporter: Uh, from Paul Finebaum.

    Coach: Who?

    Reporter: Paul Finebaum. He’s, uh, he’s a syndicated columnist in Alabama.

    Coach: Never heard of him. Does he work in the (Georgia, Florida or Notre Dame) athletic department?

    Reporter: No, he’s a newspaper columnist.

    Coach: Right. So did he quote anyone who does?

    Reporter: Uh, no.

    Coach: So this is what your profession has come to? Are we done here?


  7. Macallanlover

    Finebaum has long enjoyed success pot-stirring the Bama-Auburn feud, but he really loses all credibility when he attacks Richt’s record, and especially when it states his reputation is threatened by the likes of Saban, Meyer, Kiffin and Chizik. Six of the last seven years UGA has finished in the Top 10. Which coach among those has ever accomplished that? Recruiting weakness? Really? His Tennessee degree is showing through now.


  8. KingDawg

    Another irony here is that Saban is actually the coach that may be more likely to leave than Meyer or Richt.

    Scenario 1 – Bama has great success – wins SEC and MNC within 2 years. Weis struggles. Saban sees Notre Dame as the place where he can establish himself as the greatest college coach ever.

    Scenario 2 – Bama struggles. LSU and Chizik have some success. The Bama faithful realizes Saban is not Bear Bryant. Saban’s recruiting sours as his grayshirt/cut players strategy starts to irk numerous high school coaches. Bama relieves Saban of his duties.

    Both of these are probably more likely than Meyer or Richt leaving.

    The only way the Meyer to Notre Dame thing makes sense is if somehow Meyer could predict his level of success at UF and Weis’s possible failure at ND. IF he could predict that, he may have thought that after I prove myself at UF, ND will give me the long 5-10 year leash it will take to turn that program around. It gives him a lot of credit to assume he planned all of this would happen.

    As for Richt, I wouldn’t trade him for any coach anywhere. I think the vast majority of UGA supporters feel the same.


  9. Dog in Fla

    “Others point to the two best coaches in the league — Urban Meyer and Nick Saban — as the way to go in terms of steely determination, a ruthless no bend or break approach.”

    Paul gets a chill running down his leg whenever he writes about Urban and Nick, who are only as good as their last hit record. Another La Tech or Utah will happen to Nick and another Michigan or Ole Miss will happen to Urban. Paul will dump Urban first because Paul can’t dump Nick because Paul still wants to work in Alabama.

    Other than the ‘steely determination, a ruthless no bend or break approach’, the discipline of Urban and the recruiting threats from Lane and Gene, the substance and content of Paul’s article could have been taken from Georgia football message boards.


  10. MacAttack

    I have a question

    Why do people read that SEC site? I mean, he writes like he is in 5th grade….he has stolen articles without linking to them MANY A TIMES

    I don’t get it.

    If I write something stupid, will a bunch of blogs link to me?


    • Hmmmm. Had not thought of that strategy.

      Look for “Nick Saban is a transexual” soon at my blog.


      • mant

        +1 Mergz

        That was the funny.

        BTW, you owe me a new keyboard…..


      • MacAttack

        I heard Urban Meyer had a homosexual affair with a 7-year-old

        Link to me!


        • Dog in Fla

          It’s Always Sunny in Gainesville, FL:

          “Get me Huntley on the phone and ask if he knows how to sue someone for libel as well as he does in getting felony charges against my Gators dropped!”, yells Urban as he points and stares at the wall size Fathead photo of him pointing and staring.


      • Dog in Fla

        It Always Smells Like Papermills, AL:

        “Get Jimmy Sexton on the phone and ask if he knows of a lawyer who knows how to sue someone for libel, ai-ight!”, Nick yells at Mal Moore.


  11. mikeinvaldosta

    The kuntsville homer is at it again. Next, he will attack Richt’s faith in an effort to aide lil’Kif’s recruiting.


  12. Dog in Fla

    Cocktail Hour:

    Paul, still hard at work in a garage in Prichard close to Vigor High making Molotov Cocktails, licks the tip of his pencil, re-adjusts his book-keeper’s visor authographed by Steve Spurrier, adjusts the kerosene lantern and prepares to launch an attack on Mark Richt. Why? Because Markie Mark just happens to be next on Paul’s list of target-worthy coaches, a list which consists of everyone save Little Nickie.

    Recently, Paul tossed one at Urban and got a good deal of mileage out of that one. However, with Urban, Paul simply takes a Publix Deli number and stands in line to take shots at Urban, the least congenial of The SEC Head Coaches and that’s saying something. For Paul, the best thing about that Urban column was Paul ingratiating himself to Nick not so much as the attack on Urban.

    Paul slicks back both hairs on the sides of his head, takes a hit of Old Grand-Dad and Dr. Pepper from his Burger King Star Wars Revenge of the Sith party-size cup and almost, but not quite, feels bad about going after Markie Mark.

    Unlike Paul’s direct shots at Urban, Paul decides to use The Firings of Phil and Tommy as a parable to teach Mark that if he cannot correct the Little Bighorn in Jacksonville or tackle Tech runners, Mark too may join Tommy at ESPNU or Jim Donnan at ESPN.

    Paul, in his own heart if he had one, knows the reality is that if Mark goes anywhere, it will be to FSU after Bobby is forced out to pasture in the next ten to fifteen years. By then, Jimbo’s arteries will have hardened. Or maybe to Notre Dame after Urban retires and moves to Gary.

    In any event, Paul’s got a column to fill with words and he likes to think of himself as Tennessee Williams old-school or a modern day John Gresham pumping out novels. Paul thinks his writing style is like Gresham’s in that you always use the same formula outline, you just fill in the blanks with different names. Paul knows that the only thing Paul has in common with Tennessee Williams is Tennessee.

    Paul decides to curry favor with Urban by touting his discipline; however, all in the know know that except for Huntley Johnson, Esq., Florida would only be able to field a team using scout team members and walk-ons.

    On a deadline, Paul goes to all the Georgia online message boards and picks up a synopsis of all the bitching and moaning that goes on 24/7 there especially during and after last season which for Mark was like Donnan’s best team in 54 years.

    Paul assembles the comments, no credit given of course, and finishes this week’s column. Paul hits the send button to, finishes off his drink by sucking the last drop of Old Grand-Dad and Dr. Pepper through the straw, turns off the kerosene lamp, throws his visor and readies himself for a night on the town to prep for the upcoming Dog and Pony Show that is The SEC Media Days.

    Paul is thinking that he might go the Flora Bama and then even drive on over to that strip club in Pensacola that got Mike Price fired to see if he can find that chick for an interview.


  13. I was done with Finebaum when he slurred Ole Miss as badly as he did. The guys a provocateur and proves that the value of a writer is not in whether they’re MSM or blogger, but how well they write and whether they back up their opinion.