More grist for the recruiting mill

What to make of this?

Carver of Columbus coach Dell McGee has banned the University of Georgia from recruiting his players because quarterback Devin Burns had his scholarship offer pulled on a visit last weekend, just as he was about to make a commitment.

“To protect our kids and my program, Georgia won’t be welcome on my campus,” McGee told GHSF Daily late Monday evening. “They’re not going to recruit anybody.”

I understand the coach being peeved.  I even understand (although I don’t approve because it’s counterproductive to his kids) his ban.  What I don’t get is why elevate this into a public spat – especially when he’s  gotten what he seems to accept as a sincere apology from Coach Richt?

“I told him how I felt, and he said he supported my decision and said he didn’t blame me,” McGee said. “He apologized. He admitted that they screwed up and didn’t handle the situation correctly.”

“I respect Coach Richt; I know he’s a Christian guy,” McGee said. “He’s a model coach and father. It’s just a big breakdown in their communication within the coaching staff at Georgia, and that’s kind of sad. I’m sure they’ll get it corrected.”

Again, if Richt apologized, I can only assume somebody on the staff erred in communicating to the kid.  But what’s gained by airing the dirty laundry here?

I imagine there’s more to come out on this.


UPDATE: On the other hand, things could be worse.


UPDATE #2: Groo adds a few point on this, including one I think is particularly cogent.

… McGee for his part did a bit of overreaching in his assessment of Georgia’s recruiting. He assumes that “Georgia still has scholarships left. It isn’t like they ran out of scholarships. That wasn’t the case.” While we’ve all done the math and figured out that Georgia still has a few slots left without public commitments in the 2010 class, it’s also reasonable at this stage that Georgia knows exactly whom they’d like to take those remaining scholarships, and those few know who they are. Georgia wouldn’t rescind a scholarship if it didn’t have a firm grasp on the numbers and how the last few commitments will go. “They ran out of scholarships” is exactly what’s going on, and at least Georgia is dealing with the cleanup now instead of oversigning and cutting the kid down the road.



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15 responses to “More grist for the recruiting mill

  1. Dog in Fla

    Dirty Laundry:

    Richt’s receptionist immediately contacts Lane’s receptionist for advice and counsel on the offensive scheme Lane implemented to overcome the Pahokee defense and what laundry detergent she uses.


  2. So the rest of the kids that play for him be damned. Doesn’t matter if they want to play for the Georgia Bulldogs, they’re not going to be getting recruited by them.

    Some high school coaches are real idiots. Maybe some kid got a bad deal, but to cut off the home state university when there’s no doubt plenty of kids in Columbus who would dream of playing for UGA… that’s just being a bad coach.


    • SSB Charley

      Some high school coaches are real idiots.

      Well, this one did go to Auburn, so we probably shouldn’t be surprised.


  3. It is quite clear that this coach Dell McGee is trying to protect his players but by making it public he shows he is just pulling this enormous powertrip


  4. KingDawg

    Watch a tape of the Carver – Cairo game from last year and you’ll see what the Dawgs are missing.

    Crowell is pretty dang good though.


  5. mikeinvaldosta

    This too shall pass


  6. MacAttack

    Some of these HS coaches are an absolute joke

    They want the limelight as much as they can and a public spat gets their name in the paper/blogs.

    He has a personal agenda and anyone who knows him can attest to that


  7. Whatever

    I’m surprised this idiot didn’t play the race card. People of his mental stature typically do.


  8. rwrjr

    Well, the purpose of his making this public is rather clear. He will get a lot of publicity out of this. Maybe even force Richt to make a public apology, thus elevating his stature (at least in his mind).


  9. Ty Durden

    **cough*cough** BLOWJOB! **Cough*cough**


  10. Whatever

    did Jasper Sanks attend Carver?


  11. Joe B.

    Of course, the great irony of this PR stunt is that the “embarrassment” felt by Burns was only known about by his family and coach.

    Now the coach has put the incident out there for public consumption.

    Wonder if the kid is embarrassed now?


  12. Richt-Flair

    Maybe I am reading this wrong, but was it Groo that pointed out that from June until the end of July, coaches couldn’t call recruits? That they could only talk to coaches, or the recruits call them? If that’s the case, then didn’t one of the coaches call the HS staff and tell them the scholarship was no longer available, and the HC said “Tell him yourself.” Well, under NCAA, how? This wouldn’t have been a story a few years ago as no one cared about recruiting in July. heck, some kid committed to Stanford because he felt slighted for not having an offer IN MARCH.