Gary Patterson keeps making sense.

Every time TCU head coach Gary Patterson opens his mouth about the BCS, I grow more impressed with the man.  Take what he said yesterday at the Mountain West media day event:

“I think there’s two different topics: There’s the money aspects of it and then there’s defining a national champion. And for me, I think it just makes common sense to know that if there’s 50 teams out there that are nonqualifying there’s at least one team that’s good that could get into those five or six ballgames. And that’s my point about it. I think we’ve proven throughout the four years that we’ve been doing this. Utah and Boise State. Hawaii didn’t get it done, but we’re 3-1 when they’ve given us opportunities to be apart of that game. And I don’t see how they have to give that much away for the betterment of the game.

“If the true reason we went to the BCS was to find a national champion then I think that you should take everybody involved. And that’s not talking badly about anybody, that’s not saying that we’re better than anybody, that’s not saying anything. I’m just saying that you can’t say that out of the other 50-some football teams… The odds would be in our favor that one of those teams every year is good enough to play on that level and we’ve proven that three out of four times when we’ve gotten the opportunity to do that.”

Sure, sure, the devil’s in the details, but I honestly don’t know of anyone on the pro-playoffs side of the debate who grasps the distinction between the money part versus the competition part better than Patterson does.  If anyone on that side bothers to grasp it at all, that is.

If and when the day comes and the powers-that-be huddle together to remake the D-1 postseason, I hope he’s given a chance to provide input.  College football deserves as much rationality as it can get.

On a related front, did anyone notice that the MWC extended its commissioner’s contract to 2012, or a year before the BCS deal expires?  Sounds like he’s being given a little message there…



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  1. mikeinvaldosta

    “If anyone on that side bothers to grasp it at all, that is.” That is some tasty looking bait. Too busy to bite today…