Hangin’s too good for him.

Just curious – what’s the media going to do when it figures out which head coach didn’t vote the GPOOE™ first team preseason all-SEC?


UPDATE: Mr. Gunther shoots and scores.


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14 responses to “Hangin’s too good for him.

  1. Hobnail_Boot

    Torches, pitchforks, wailing, gnashing of teeth.


  2. Ben

    This hero-worship has reached absurd levels. Hopefully all of the coaches the rest of the week will agree to say that DIDN’T vote for him just to make the heads of the pundits explode with confusion.


  3. papadawg

    Lane’s lyin’

    We all know it was him.


  4. They’re not going to find out, because every coach will say or imply that he voted for Tebow.


  5. Pisses me off

    No sh*t! F Tebow and this “unanimous” bullsh*t!

    The coach can vote for whoever the F he wants, even if it’s the 3rd string pissant backup.

    I hope it’s Richt so we can all say “F you Florida and F you Tebow”!


  6. Macallanlover

    This is just wrong, the media should be told to stick it by the coaches. I think Tebow is a great young man/athlete, and a pretty solid QB, but I am not 100% sure I wouldn’t vote Snead as 1st team. He certainly is talented, and could easily develop further. Pre-anything is a pretty dumb vote since neither may play the full season.

    I do feel Tebow and Snead are the two best QBs going into the season, but a case can be made that Snead could easily be the better by year’s end, and some other QB could have the better year before it is all over. Does Low actually think this is inconceivable? Neither are so far ahead that someone couldn’t surprise by December but then, could they really get a fair vote from the media at that point since so many are out on the Tebow limb?


    • mikeinvaldosta

      Mac, it is not just Low, all of ’em are beating this drum. What get’s me is the narrative that there will be retribution. I expect the rivers to swell and the oceans to engulf us all unless that vote is not changed.


      • Macallanlover

        True, he just happens to be the guy on the article, but you have to believe the WWL may have the greatest interest in finding the imbecile “dissing” their boy. And there can be no doubt who would take that guilty sacrificial lamb and drag it through the streets ’til Hell Freezes Over (sounds like a good name for a CD.) Could this be Evil Richt spitting in Meyer’s face again just to fire the team up?


  7. Will Q

    It would be hilarious if Richt came out with something like this:

    “Tebow? First team? Are you kidding? That crybaby only threw for 154 and 2 TDs against us. Even Nick Stephens did better than that.”

    It’ll never happen, but it would rock if it did.


  8. mikeinvaldosta

    Judas did it, and vengence will be Timmy’s


  9. Think Pete has it right. 11 denials and then all of these would-be gumshoes huffing about it on Friday.


  10. mykiesee

    I can see Evil Richt sitting in an overstuffed chair beside his fireplace in the dark, rubbing his hands together, smiling and lightly chuckling to himself, thinking, “Ahhhh, so easy to manipulate the soft minds of the self-important. Monkeys in a barrel, putty in my hands.”


  11. …last time I check Snead’s team beat Tebow’s team.