More of this, please.

I blogged before that Boise State was looking at taking on some big money road games to ameliorate its financial situation and applauded the school for making that move, both to shore up its bank account and also its strength of schedule.  In my humble opinion, it’s one of several options the best of the mid-major schools should be exploring to raise their value in the eyes of the BCS grand poobahs.

So I welcome this reported development.

Broncos-Hokies in D.C.? Boise State said it was looking to toughen up its schedule with more profitable road games, and it wasn’t kidding: A Richmond, Va., television station reports Boise will open 2010 in a made-for-TV opener against Virginia Tech, possibly at FedEx Field in Washington, D.C., where the Hokies last opened up against eventual mythical champion Southern Cal in 2004.

The Doc’s right when he says this is the kind of thing BSU has to do if it wants to be considered a serious candidate for a BCS title game.  BYU’s schedule, Tulsa’s schedule and now this – maybe these schools are getting the message.  If they are, it’s good for college football all around.


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3 responses to “More of this, please.

  1. The Realist

    I really respect Beamer & that VaTech program. They have gone balls-to-the-wall recently in their non-conference scheduling. Alabama, Nebraska, LSU, East Carolina, & now Boise State. Kudos to changing what used to be laughable scheduling practices into some of the nation’s best.


  2. Good for Boise State. When a school like that continues to take on added challenges it will be harder and harder for them to be excluded from the BCS picture in the future.

    Maybe we can take Notre Dame’s special BCS tie in (all they need is 9 wins, I believe) and award it to the most deserving mid-major instead.


  3. TomReagan

    That’s the same path Penn State, Miami,and FSU took, too. That’s also why Southern Miss and TCU seem to have an easier time rising in the polls than some other mid majors.

    It’s still possible to get top tier status. It just takes a while to earn it.