The Ginger Assassin in the spotlight

As Tony Barnhart points out, in a weird way this is one of the biggest days so far in Joe Cox’ college career.

By comparison, Georgia and Mark Richt will be the low key entry into this session. New quarterback Joe Cox will get the largest media exposure of his career. I’ll be anxious to see what is written about the senior from Charlotte.

Well, judging from Wally Hall’s latest column, the media may not be all that impressed.

I’m just hoping Joe can handle that first question about which coach he thinks didn’t vote for the GPOOE™ as first team preseason all-SEC.  Talk about pressure…


UPDATE: Somebody came away impressed with Cox.



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  1. Dog in Fla

    Build Up to The SEC Media Days:

    Georgia Coach Mark Richt having had what a sprinkling of Georgia fans say was an underachieving season last year has taken on a new approach. Instead of going to Honduras this offseason like last year, Coach Richt has taken the Full Metal Jacket weekend seminar and this year will replace old slogans such as GATA, How ‘Bout Them Dawgs, Woof-Woof with new updated slogans of “Get Some, Baby”: and “Bird is the Word”:

    Further, Coach Richt, taking to heart the parables of The Firings of Phil and Tommy and the Bad-Assedness of Nick and Urban delivered unto him by Finebaum, will resume taking the more combative approach he had season before last so this year Georgia can actually earn the personal foul penalties that were handed out to them like candy by The SEC Refs last year as a season-long punishment for Richt’s Rush the Field antics against Florida year before last,

    Lane also attended the same seminar but Richt sat in the front row and Lane was assigned a seat in the back row. While Lane had some ambivalence about a new Vol slogan, him being unfamiliar with any Vol slogan(s) whatsoever, the Robert Irmey Memorial Gunny who taught the class assigned the following fight song to Lane’s team: “Mickey Mouse” Lane ran out of the room with fingers in ears after being forced to listen to this “Orange Blossom Special” rendition and “Wipeout”

    The Hat was unable to attend the Full Metal Jacket seminar but already has a LSU Girls fan club
    and a fight song in which the lead singer is reputedly the long lost twin brother of Les who was born second and without The Hat.

    Houston Nutt was unable to make the Full Metal Jacket seminar but had attended an Apocolypse Now thing between jobs at Arkansas and Ole Miss and remembers this as he was run out of Fayetteville and

    Bobby Johnson has a Vandy fight song that just like each season for them starts out well but ends in chaos

    Bobby Petrino could not attend the seminar because of conflicting travel arrangements

    Dan Mullins of course has the only fight song needed for his new job beating out

    Nick does not need a seminar and feels if he goes to one, thinks that others may steal his magic by osmosis so he stays away

    Urban had some scheduling difficulties also because he was meeting with and directing trafficking of his players into and out of the law offices of Huntley H. Johnson

    Rich Brooks having been given emeritus status need not go to a seminar but still maintains his old fight song

    Chizik was in the front row with Richt and brought a fight song with him that is still under consideration although there is the possibility that on the Lions’ open week, Stafford may return to Talledega and hoist an empty beer barrel over his head with an Auburn chick attached to his side as a public service announcement from The SEC: ‘When you finish off a keg, let her drive you back to her place.’

    And for Spurrier, the coach hated so much that he’s loved, we will all miss his wit and wisdom when he finally determines that Crescent Beach is much better than downtown Columbia


  2. NCT

    Will Richt be able to handle the Tebow question? If the denials so far are to be believed, Richt remains a suspect.


    • Per Team Speed Kills, he handled it beautifully.

      Voted for Tim Tebow. “I think that’s what everybody has said so far.” Then he’s asked what he made of all these questions. “I think that the ballots are private for a reason. … I think everyone has a right to their own opinion.”

      Translation: “I’m not stupid, and you guys are jerks for making an issue out of this.”


  3. Very selective comments by ole’ Wally.

    Cox has attempted 58 passes in his career and his highlight is leading a rally against Colorado in 2006. His only experience against an SEC opponent in 2008 came when he was 2-of-4 in a 39-point loss to Florida. His other participation was limited to non-conference games that the Bulldogs won by 24 and 39.

    Not like one pass of Cox’s 2/4 performance in Jax last year was the ONLY OFFENSIVE TD of the game. Nope, that’s not important at all. Let’s just focus on the negatives.

    Things I’ve learned thusfar this offseason from ole’ Wally:
    (1) Florida is an unstoppable machine that will beat everyone by 50 points. They are that much better. Just give them trophy, don’t even play the games.

    (2) Joe Cox couldn’t hold Ryan Mallet’s jockstrap.


  4. Munson's Call

    Wally seems to be the top notch reporter. How about a little bit of accuracy there Wally? Last I checked D.J. Shockley was the starter in 2005 while Cox was red shirted. Also, didn’t Cox start a night road game at Ole Miss in 2006?


    • Yeah, he started the game at Ole Miss that year because it was the week after the Colorado rally. He wasn’t particularly effective though and Joe. T resumed the reins for the Tennessee game the next week.


  5. NRBQ

    Whatever you do, don’t go over to Orson’s place and see what they’re doing to our q-back.

    I warned ya.


  6. Dog in TN

    Wally Hall lost all credibility when, in his original column, he stated that BJ Coleman was a backup to the TN QB. Coleman left TN and is now in Chattanooga.


  7. ceph

    Richt says the competition for the #2 QB is wide open, why didn’t he say the competition for the starting job is wide open? Pete Carrol named a starter for the spring practice but reiterated that it wouldn’t have anything to do with fall practice, because the competition would start all over and the best player would be the starting QB. Richt is so hung up over these five year guys and Cox is not a veteran QB he’s only the guy who has been there the longest!!! Pete Carroll also said he would take talent over experience any day and I agree/