Friday morning buffet

Inside and outside of SEC Media Days, (college football) life goes on:

  • Hey!  Finally, a Nick Saban quote I can get behind:  Alabama football coach Nick Saban does not like predicting how “a bunch of adolescents” will perform, so he’s not about to guess where his Crimson Tide will be at season’s end. Crusty, but accurate.
  • Georgia lawmaker to the state of Florida:  give us your water, or we’re taking the WLOCP out of Jacksonville.  Idiot.
  • Dennis Dodd smacks Clay Travis over the “are you a virgin?” question.
  • I had forgotten, but this article on Jeff Owens reminded me that the school’s all-time record on the bench press is still held by Ben Watson, physical freak.
  • Joe at Coaches Hot Seat Blog can’t make up his mind whether, with the new TV deal, ESPN will do the SEC’s bidding and stop questioning the BCS or become the Trojan Horse that leads college football to the promised land of playoffs.  Or something.
  • Right now, Auburn has more commitments for its 2010 class from the metro Atlanta area than it does from the entire state of Alabama.  Sounds like it’s time to get out that limo again.
  • So this year’s motto for the Ole Miss team is “Unsatisfied”.  Not bad, especially if they adopt this as their theme song:


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5 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. Owens is the man

    but why did he sit in the stands on not on the sidelines with his teammates in Jax last year?

    Hurt or not, he’s still part of the team.


  2. The Realist

    My guess is travel restrictions. You’re only allowed so many guys to suit up and travel with the team and be on the sideline. But, that’s just a guess.


    • NCT

      I think that’s a reasonable guess, but only if travel restrictions reply for the “home” team at a neutral site. Perhaps travel’s travel, plus an even restriction on travel roster is consistent with the neutrality of the site.


      • Coastal Dawg

        It was travel restrictions. When Shockley travelled to Jax in ’05 he used a roster spot. As thin as we were by the GA-FL game last year I don’t think we could spare the spot.


  3. Dog in Fla

    Dennis Dodd smacks Clay Travis over the “are you a virgin?” question.

    With as much time as Tim has spent in the PI considering the allure, attraction and availability of Filipinas over there, no one, absolutely no one, should ever underestimate the amount of discipline that he has.