The master schools the wannabe.

Junior may think he’s supposed to be the center of attention today, but it looks like the OBC still knows how to draw a crowd.


UPDATE: Bonus groveling to the Gator Nation!  The man knows how to work it, doesn’t he?


UPDATE #2: Not quite on point, but too funny not to mention, here’s a bit from cocknfire’s live blogging of Spurrier at SEC Media Days today:

10:59 a.m. ET Addresses coaching changes “A few folks just left on their own. A few were asked to leave.” Didn’t lose any recruits after the bowl game. He sees this as a sign that many players still see South Carolina as a potential winner. He doesn’t say this, but it’s also possible they’re not real bright.

He’s a Gamecock fan, and I’ve always been a sucker for gallows humor.


UPDATE #3: Leave it to Spurrier.  Even when he apologizes, he has to be an ass about it.

“We made a mistake. I made a mistake,” Spurrier said. “Tim Tebow is not only the best quarterback in this league, but the best football player in the country. I believe he and Danny Wuerffel will go down maybe as the two best players to ever play college football.”

Danny Wuerffel?  Really?

I can’t figure out who that grouping slights more, players like Herschel Walker, or Tebow.


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14 responses to “The master schools the wannabe.

  1. Left to Right

    Spurrier says he “accidently” voted Snead over Tebow and now wants to have his ballot changed? Steve, as a member of the Dawg Nation who once “hated” you, I’m asking that for what little still remains of your reputation as a great college football coach, that you please just go ahead and quit at SC because you have been dragged down to the mediocrity of their level. Watching a once “hated” foe flounder around so badly ellicits more pity from me than anything else at this point.


    • digidy dawg

      SC is where coaches careers go to die (Holtz).


      • Coastal Dawg

        It is sad to see the mighty fall. I hated Spurrier as much as the next guy, but this is kind of pitiful. The old “Evil Genius” would have siad something like, “Tebow would be the best QB in the conference if he had a decent head coach.”


  2. SCDawg

    Well I, for one, am so grateful that he apologized to Tim.


  3. IndyDawg

    It looks like somebody’s taking the fall for Spurrier’s indiscretion. Who knew they were so tight?


  4. heyberto

    What I don’t get is why all the Coaches answered the question. Kind of defeats the whole purpose of the poll being secret. Don’t get me wrong, I’m fine with it being public, but since it’s not it seems these guys should have a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ to not talk about how they vote. Just seems ridiculous to make it secret.

    Chizik was the only one I saw that talked about how he shouldn’t disclose, but then he turned around and gave out how he answered. Ridiculous.


  5. Dog in Fla

    The State – news bulletin @ 12:00 p.m., July 24, 2009:

    The University of South Carolina football director of operations has been reported missing. There are conflicting reports, none verified, but the latest is that he was seen jumping, or perhaps even being pushed, off the bridge at Salkehatchie River. Voting irregularities are an expected cause of the disappearance.


  6. RedCrake

    Herschel Walker
    Bo Jackson
    Emmitt Smith
    Peyton Manning
    Tim Tebow
    Danny Weurffel

    One of these things is not like the others…one of these things just doesn’t belong.


  7. It’s not merely Spurrier being an ass (which he is) in his “apology”, its that in Spurrier’s world everything is about Spurrier. As he knows it would be beyond crass to mention himself as one of college football’s greatest players, he goes with the next best option – the Heisman winning player that he coached.


    • Dog in Fla

      …which in taking it to the final level in the genius that is Steve, the last remaining inference is: Danny only won the Heisman because was coached by a Heisman winner, me, Steve Spurrier.


  8. JasonC

    Does that mean that Tebow won’t be successful in the NFL also?

    Seriously, this whole story about who didn’t vote for him is such a crock of sh!t. Who cares? It’s a freakin’ PRE-season poll! If it was the end of the season voting, that is one thing, but this is more meaningless than preseason polls.


  9. NM

    Just noticed this: Sept. 26, 2009: Ole Miss at South Carolina. Jevan Snead visits Steve Spurrier. Will Mr. Second-Team give Spurrier something else to be “embarrassed” or “feel badly” about?

    I think that game now moves into the top storylines category… After, of course, LSU-Bama, Ga-Fla, and Tennessee-anybody.


  10. Couldn’t agree more JasonC. I’m beginning to get the feeling that the WWL’s ramp up of SEC coverage for the fall is nothing more than a big smokescreen to legitimize their secret agenda of “ALL TEBOW, ALL THE TIME”. I can hardly wait.