“Some call it obsessed.”

Me, I just think it’s sad.  Of all the things to go off the deep end over, a college football playoff wouldn’t be on my list.


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  1. I have been out-flanked


  2. MacAttack

    I would say this blog (which I like) is as obsessed as anyone about it

    Can’t go 2 days without pointing out some article wanting one…..even if it is written by some no-name in Nevada, Montana, or elsewhere.


  3. NM

    The subject of that article is either fictitious or mentally disturbed.

    “I don’t think these are nuts,” Young said in a telephone interview. “These are not people that are putting tinfoil over their heads. These people are thoughtful, for the most part, who want to show this can be done.”

    Clearly, Young has never met Kennedy.


  4. dawgfan17

    The part of the story that bothers me the most is that he is now receiving food stamps. That is a load of BS, he chose not to work, he don’t deserve a cent of our taxes.


  5. kckd

    I just hope Kiffin keeps saying and doing stupid things. That does get SB’s mind off the playoff for a little while.

    BTW, Barnhart told Finebaum on his radio show a few weeks ago that he expects there to be a “plus one” (which he called the BCS conference leaders way of avoiding calling it a four team playoff) when Fox and ESPN’s contracts expire with the current bowls. He said the ESPN one would expire last and probably around 2014. I’m not really sure why ESPN matters, since I assume they wouldn’t have any of the bowls that would host any of the games of consequence unless he is saying ESPN/ABC due to the Rose Bowl.


  6. Dog in TN

    Why is it? People think the government is responsible for making them happy? These politicians have no business in sports. They’ll screw it up!


  7. When the most vocal advocates for your college football “movement” are senators from Utah, John Feinstein and a homeless dude, you are likely on the wrong side of the issue.


  8. wheaton4prez

    The queen of France didn’t think that eating cake was anything anyone should get worked up over either.